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Build A Shed Video Series

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JB here and I came across these how to build a shed videos  on YouTube the other day.  It is a six part series of how to build a shed and he does a great job of putting this together. The videos are from House-Improvements.com and Shannon.  If you haven’t seen his website or youtube channel, then go check it out.  He has put a ton of work into both sites.  The video series shows how you can build a shed for yourself.  Especially with the right tools and a little bit of hard work.

Shed PlanBuild A Shed Video Series – The Videos…

I think the videos are worthwhile to watch.  Especially if you’re considering building a shed or going to have someone else build the shed.  Because it gives you an idea of what it takes to build the structure.

There are many plans on the market that are easy to follow.  You do not have to be a master carpenter or woodworker to get this accomplished.  Watch the video series.

Build A Shed Video Series – Review

The first few videos are the basics of the foundation.  Then the walls are built and erected.  The roof is built quick and easy and then you can see it all come together.  Finally, the door is a roll-up door which is a nice door for security.  I liked the vinyl exterior and the size of the shed he built.  Which is good for security and storage.   Plans like this are everywhere so find a set of plans and get started.  Make sure you get lots of plans to review so you are not limited.  Check out the collection of plans at the end of the post and you can get started today.





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