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Firewood Shed Designs

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All firewood shed designs have similar pearls for building the firewood shed right.

Firewood Shed Designs – The Costs…

Firewood comes with a cost whether you bought it or chopped it yourself.  You either shelled out your hard earned money or you spent a lot of time and energy chopping wood. So if your firewood becomes filled with moisture, then all your money and efforts will just go down the drain.  Wet firewood will not burn properly and if you live in an area with a lot of rain and snowfall, then it is impossible to keep firewood dry.  Building a firewood shed is the key to this problem and you can be sure of having dry firewood every time you need it.

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Firewood Shed Designs- The Location…

The location of your firewood shed is one of the most important decisions you can make, therefore it should be away from water but near your home.  You certainly wouldn’t want to walk a long distance to get some firewood when it’s raining or heavy snowfall.  Firewood Shed designs 2

Firewood Shed Designs- The Plans…

Most firewood sheds are built with only three sides. Only three walls are provided and the fourth side is left open. This is necessary for access and airflow which in turn allows the firewood to dry properly.  However, with an open side, it could allow rain and snow to be blown inside by the wind.  Therefore the open side should not face the direction of the wind.

Firewood Shed Designs- Roof and Floor…

With regards to the roof of your firewood shed, you should make sure it has a high steep and slanted roof. The snow and rain will easily slide off and not get inside to the firewood. This goes the same for the foundation, making it higher from the ground and providing a slant to slide snow and water away from the firewood.  Also, try to build a raised floor so that moisture from the ground won’t seep inside the shed.

To further prevent moisture from seeping into your firewood,  put a layer of plastic on the floor for barrier protection.  You should stack your firewood on off-cut lumbers to provide air flow underneath the wood for drying and it will also keep moisture away.

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Firewood Shed Designs- Finally…

Most firewood sheds are easy to make and don’t typically cost as much as the typical storage shed. With just a couple of boards and nails, you can be assured that you will have dry firewood ready to build a roaring fire.  Always remember that in starting any project, having plans is the best way to ensure that you will have a worry-free time when you are in the actual process of building. So get your hands on a good firewood shed plan first.

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