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best weed control for grass

Best Weed Control For Grass

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There are many options to consider to get the Best Weed Control For Grass. You need to know what type of weed you are treating. The type of grass in your yard will determine the best way to get rid of the unwanted weeds. Knowing these two things will get you a step ahead of the weeds.

Why You Need Weed Control

Weeds are unwanted plants that steal the nutrition and minerals of the important plants and crops that are growing in your garden. And they may grow on the nutrition and food off your important plants and may hamper their growth.  It is very important to protect your plants and garden from weeds.

Weeds grow at a much higher speed than the normal plants growing in your garden. Weed control is also known as pest control in which weeds are prevented to reach a mature stage when they can harm the livestock and plants. In order to reduce the amount of weeds there are different weed control strategies that can be applied to prevent its growth.

Methods For Best Weed Control For Grass & Garden


The most common and preferred method that is applied in order to remove and destroy the weeds in a garden is ploughing. Today there are many other chemicals present in the market that can help you decrease the amount of weeds growing in your garden. Herbicides are widely used in different parts of the world to control the growth of weeds.

Troy Bilt

Cover The Weeds?

In domestic gardens there are different methods like covering the area of the garden with many layers of newspaper for several weeks in order to control the amount of weeds. Also, you can use a black sheet instead of newspaper. You keep a newspaper for seven days; it prevents the light of the sun from entering beneath and hence kills the unwanted plants.

Saturating the newspaper that you place on the ground every day helps in the decomposition of the plants that die in this process. The dead plants also help in increasing the nutrition and minerals for the soil. After few weeks you will find most of the weeds are dead and can be removed easily.

If you are using a black sheet then the greenhouse effect will help you in killing the plants and weeds beneath it. The weeds reproduce at a much faster rate than other plants and you will be able to see that they survive most of the adverse conditions as well. It is very important to know the kind of weeds growing in your garden so that you can easily kill them using the correct method and herbicides.

Stale Seed Bed - Is It For Me?

One of the common techniques that are used by growers in different parts of the world is the Stale seed bed in which soil is cultivated and is left for about a week. When the seeds are germinated in the ground, there are increased chances for the growth of weeds that hampers the growth of the plants and eat up their nutrition.

Stale seed bed helps in killing the weeds at the time of germination and helps in retaining the essential nutrients of the soil.  However, this method is used for large areas of land that are for growing.  Many farmers use this in their large acres of land that will grow many crops.

Weed Control Products

Lawns that are mature may get weeds every year.  You do not want to plough the weeds or cover the weeds like one does in a garden or growing bed.  In this case choose the right product to put on your lawn.  These products will kill the weeds but also fertilizer the lawn.  This is the most common method to control weeds for grass.

Understand what it takes to control weeds by watching the video below.  This will help you get started with the right equipment and products to apply to your lawn.

Types Of Grass & Weeds

Your treatment options for weed control depends on the type of grass you are treating. Not all weed control chemicals work the same for every yard or type of grass. So you need to know what type of grass is planted in your yard so you can treat the weeds that show up.

Now you know the type of grass, let’s find out what type of weed you are treating. There are many weeds that can be treated with just one treatment. The nice thing is that most chemicals can kill most weeds in your yard, but not all of them. So treat the grass with the proper application and then you can find out what weed is not dying.

Take some pictures of the weeds that are in your yard that you cannot get rid of. Look up the type of weed by going to wildflower website. Once you find the exact weed, then read the labels of the many chemical applications. You may need more than one type of application to get rid of all the weeds in your yard.

Important point to remember when picking out the weed killer is to make sure it is made for the type of grass you are treating. If you purchase the right weed killer, then make sure it is for the type of grass in your yard. Otherwise the chemical will not only kill your weeds, but it will kill your lawn! So be aware of what you are using.

Weed Control Products

You know the type of grass in your lawn and the type of weeds you want to kill.  So how do you go about the process of getting the right product and how to apply it to your lawn?

You will first need to get a spreader.  The spreader has many options for spreading the granules.  It allows you to spread the granules at the proper amount across the lawn. 

If you are unsure where to start, then Scotts has a nice video below to get you started in the right direction.

Click Here For Scotts Weed Control Options

One application is typically all it takes for all season. Apply this product in the spring and fall. This will prevent spring weeds and also fall weeds like poa annual and chickweed. The weather elements do not affect this products performance. Check out this product and more on Amazon.

Click Here For Preen Weed Control Options

This weed preventer is safe for use around over 200 established flowers, trees, shrubs, etc... It works for up to 3 months and then has to be reapplied. It is a great way to prevent weeds without hand pulling. Check out more Preen products here.

Click Here For Spectracide Weed Control Options

This dual action formula works well for broadleaf weeds while feeding your lawn. This is a quick flip sprayer that works well and easy to use. Check out the wide range of Spectracide products here.


There are many options for the best weed control for grass.  Know the type of grass that is in your yard and then find the right weed control product.  Gardens and large acres of land will require ploughing, covering or a stale seed bed.  These options work well for gardening.  Mature lawns will need products applied to them.  Get the right spreader and the right product to get the best weed control for grass.

Once you control the weeds you will need to make sure your lawn is fertilized properly.  This will maintain a beautiful green lawn without weeds.  You can check out my previous post on the best fertilizer for your lawn.

All the best,


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