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Why Build A Firewood Storage Shed

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Firewood is a very important part of survival for many people.  Every summer chopping and storing firewood for the winter can keep you warm on cold winter days.  The last thing anybody needs or wants is for the firewood to become unusable.  Therefore, you really need a good firewood storage shed.  There are many ideas and designs on firewood storage sheds so let’s get down to the basics.

Firewood Storage Shed – The Basics

When thinking about a firewood storage shed you need to think about location.  The shed needs to be in a location that is away from water and not too close or too far from the house.  You really do not want termites near the house, but you also don’t want the firewood so far away it becomes more of a hassle to get wood for your fire.

The firewood storage shed should have easy access and protect the wood from the elements. The shed should be built with wind direction in mind so you do not have the open area where the wind will typically blow in rain and snow.  This could make it harder for the wood to dry.   Furthermore, the shed will need a good sturdy roof and floor so it can withstand the elements for protection and hold the weight of the wood but allow proper ventilation so the wood can dry.  You can find out more information on my Firewood Shed Design post.

Firewood Storage Shed – Finding The Right Plan

Finding the right firewood storage shed plan should not be very hard to do because most plans have the basic three  walls and a roof.  There are many three walled designed firewood storage sheds that can be built.  You need to make sure you review the many designs before you decide to build so you can find the one that suits your needs.  You can access a collection of plans of here.

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Firewood Storage Shed – Alternatives To Building

If you do not have the skill or desire to build a firewood storage shed from plans, then there are alternatives.  There are many stands that you can buy that can hold an adequate amount of wood.  Some people, like myself, only use a little bit of wood throughout the year.  In this case I do not want or need a large storage shed for firewood.  Therefore, I have a stand that can hold an adequate amount of wood near my outdoor fireplace.

There are many stands on the market and most are made out of metal.  The bottom is raised off o the ground with side rails to hold the wood inside the stand.  Doeworks makes a great stand that you can use.  It is at the right size to fit next to an outdoor fireplace and hold enough wood.  You can check it out here and see the dimensions for yourself.

One last option that comes to mind is a kit that you can buy and make your own stand.  It is not like a full firewood shed but it is more like a customized stand.  You buy the side pieces of the stand and then attach those pieces to 2×4’s that act as the base.  This allows the wood to be off of the floor and the side pieces to hold the wood together in the stand.   Depending on the length of your 2×4’s your stand can be as long or short as you want.

No matter what stand you decide to build or buy you will need a cover.  This will keep the rain and contents off of the wood making sure it is dry and ready to burn.  There are many options depending on the size of the firewood stand.  Make sure you get the right size for your stand and if you want to find the right stand and size, then this will help you get started.

Firewood Storage Shed – Conclusion

If you like a good fire in the winter to keep you warm, then finding a way to protect your firewood is important.  Finding and building the right firewood storage shed can be easy and fun to do.  You just need to get the right plan for your needs.  Just keep some simple ideas in mind with location, roofing, flooring and wind direction.   Before you realize it you will have the perfect firewood storage shed.  You can access plans here.

Furthermore, if building is not what you wan to do, then don’t forget about a firewood stand.  You can buy the right size stand or build one from a kit.  Make sure you get the cover to protect the wood so it stays dry.  This will allow it to be ready to burn when you want.  Find out more options here and get started today.

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