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Timber Shed Care Guide

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If you are going to build a timber shed, then you need to know the timber shed care guide.  As you look through the blog and you will find many tips and tricks on shed building and shed care.  However, I was given this infographic from a good friend, Alan.  He has been in the business of wood and shed building for years.  You can check out his website here at Crowesawmills.  

The main thrust of the infographic is to stress the importance the types of treatment to preserve your shed and how to properly paint your shed.

Treatment Types:

  • Shed Preserver
  • Shed Paint
  • Exterior Wood Oil

Paint Your Shed:

  • Treat The Building
  • Seal the Windows
  • Ensure Nothing Is In Contact With The Building
  • Paint The Shed

I hope this provides you some help with understanding how to care for your timber shed.

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