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Organizing Your Shed

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Organizing your shed is different for everyone as it depends on the purpose of your shed.  Storage sheds accumulate lots of our stuff but it should not be so cluttered that you cannot find anything.  You built the shed to take control of your house clutter and now you run the risk of making your shed cluttered.

Organizing Your Shed – The Benefits…

organizing your shedOnce you start organizing your shed and home, you’ll see how great and real the benefits are:

-Reduces stress by having order and discipline.

-Gives you more space by keeping clutter out for good.

-Simplifies the way you live at home by creating useful systems that work for you personally.

Quite simply, when you finally start to make the simple changes of organization, it all adds up to give you more room to breathe so you can enjoy your family and friends more.

Organizing Your Shed – The Problem…

organizing your shed frustrated lookBeing organized isn’t a matter of being rich or poor, young or old. We were never taught organization in school but we were told to multi-task.  Multi-tasking pulls us in many different directions and adds to a cluttered mind and home.  Some people say they are just born that way, but you can change your mindset and control your clutter.  Don’t just throw everything in your storage shed or you will have a bigger problem.

Organizing Your Shed – The Solution…

Tackle House Clutter First

organizing your shed clutterThis is essential as you most likely built the shed to get rid of the house clutter.  If you do not take control of the house mess then it will continue to grow.  Once it grows, you will then start moving more stuff into the storage shed and it continues to grow.  You can see where this is leading?  Therefore, take control of your house clutter and you will cut off the transition of cluttering your storage shed.

Take Control Of Your Mindset

organizing your shed idea The funny thing is I don’t think I was raised to be organized but I always found it kind of easy.  However, not everyone has that ability to stay organized.  But if you can change your mindset then you will change the  outcome.  There are lots of strategies to this out there and here is a video with some neat ideas.

Shelves Help.

Once you start accumulating stuff in the storage shed you need to organize it into sections.  Shelving will help with this organization as it allows you to group things in categories.  There are many types of shelving systems so you need to find what will work for you.  However, don’t just keep everything in the group forever.  Constantly look at what is in the group and get rid of things that do not have a purpose.  If you are not going to use something in a year or two, then make a decision as to keep it or not.  I understand the kids’ keepsakes you will want to keep forever.  But remember to pass them along to the kids when they get older.  Don’t be the storage vault forever.

Organizing Your Shed – Start Today…

Being organized isn’t as hard as you think, but it will take some work.  Find some strategies to organize your life and home and it will help you with organizing your shed.  You won’t keep throwing stuff in the shed and everything that is in the shed will have a purpose.  Check out Organizing 101 to help you with organizing, it helped me.

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