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Best Ideas For Shed Guttering

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What are the best ideas for shed guttering?

Not all sheds have gutters.  However, some sheds need shed guttering to prevent water damage or collection of water for planting.  There are many options available including add on systems and custom shed guttering.  Prevent the possibility of wood rot or foundation erosion by installing shed guttering.  Not sure how to do this?  Read more…

Shed Guttering – Why

You spent all this time finding the right shed plan and getting the lumber and now you are going to build your shed.  However, you need to think about what you are going to do about rainwater runoff.  The water that can accumulate around your shed can be massive.  Therefore, you need a strategy to handle this water.

Also, with guttering you can get creative by catching the rain water so you can reuse it for your garden or plants.  Furthermore, by having a gutter system you can protect your shed foundation from erosion by moving the water away from the shed.

Shed Guttering – Options

You can install basic guttering if you are building your own shed.  The installation is simple and can be done yourself.  However, to make it easy get somebody to help you.  The options are outlined below with videos but include aluminum gutters, add on systems and a unique Hall’s Rainsaver system.

What if you can’t install a gutter?

One effective way to diffuse rain coming off a shed roof without using rain gutters is to create a trench approximately one foot wide around the perimeter of the shed. This trench should be dug to a depth of 6-8 inches and filled with crushed stone. In areas with heavy rainfall, incorporating a slotted drain hose into the trench can improve the water drainage system. To further guide the water away from the shed, the trench can be directed downhill towards designated dry wells or other suitable drainage areas on either side of the shed. Implementing this method can prevent any water from seeping into the shed and eliminate splash marks, as the water will hit the trench and disperse easily. Additionally, maintaining this setup can serve as a visual barrier that helps keep the grass trimmed and mowed easily.

Install Aluminum Gutters

There are many options to guttering and aluminum gutters are a great option.  They are relatively easy to install but you may want to hire a professional for installation.  Aluminum gutters will add a nice custom look to your shed.  They are more expensive than the other options but for the right shed they will be perfect.

Install Add On Guttering.

shed guttering bracketsThere are also add on guttering systems with plastic or metal brackets that are installed and then plastic gutters are snapped into place.   This is a nice easy weekend activity for shed guttering.  Pretty easy install as you can see from the video.

Hall’s Rainsaver Guttering.

Hall's shed Guttering System

Shed guttering halls rainsaver bracket

Finally, there is a Hall’s Rainsaver kit that attaches to the shed roof by a bracket and then the guttering is attached to the bracket. It is a gutter system that can be installed quickly and will save the rainwater for use in your garden or plants.  However, the simplicity is the ability to install this system quickly with it’s “Rainsaver Bracket”.  As you can see from the pictures it can quickly install on the shed roof and then the guttering attaches to this bracket.  Then you can direct the water to just about anywhere you want.

Shed Guttering – Conclusion

Don’t be fooled thinking you do not need shed guttering.  Save yourself the future headache of a ruined shed foundation or sloppy watery mess next to your shed.  This can lead to wood rot if the area stays wet enough.  Find the guttering system that looks good with your shed plan and explore the options that fit.  Get the right shed plans and build the shed you need for your home.

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