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Organize A Shed

How To Organize A Shed

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There are many ways to organize a shed.  You have to begin by finding a plan that will allow you the freedom from your clutter.  By using the PACT method for organization you can accomplish how to organize a shed and pretty much anything you own.  Learn this method today.


Organize A Shed – Introduction

organizing your shed clutter

We all have things that pile up such as tasks to accomplish and chores to do. However, some have lost of physical things piling up and this is especially true if you have a shed.  Most sheds can turn into a big mess, because most people just put things into a shed to get it out of  the house.  If you are one of those people that need to get organized, then this is the article for you.  How to organize a shed.


You need to find a method to organizing your life and things.  I cannot help you with organizing your life, but we can help with organizing your things.  If you break down the organization aspect closely there is a simple method to organizing just about anything.  This is the PACT method.  This method allows you to clean up and get rid of old things and put like things in the perfect place with one another.

Organize A Shed – The PACT Method

A “pact”, according to Dictionary.com is “a formal agreement… such as one between nations.”  Well, I want you to have a pact with your clutter. Although this turns into more of a battle it is a great way to remember the steps to organization.  Here is what it means and how it works.
Ask yourself what you want out of the room or area you are going to organize.  What are the goals of the room?  What are you really trying to accomplish with organizing the area.  Dig deep down and think about how you will benefit as this will help with keeping you motivated to get organized.
For instance, if you are going to start the process of organizing paperwork in your home or office, then the question is “Why do I want to organize this space?”  The answer could be that you do not want to have a late bill payment ever again.  Once you answer that question you can move on to the next…

P–> Pile

What you do in this step is pile “like” items together.  For example, if this is your closet that is getting organized you make a pile of all your shirts and another pile of all your pants and piles of other items.

Or let’s say we’re in your home office or wherever you keep paperwork.  You can start with your file drawer or grab a pile of papers that are sitting on your desk.  Put each piece of paper in like piles.  Bills in one pile, receipts in another pile, medical papers in a pile and etc…  You get the idea.

In regards to your shed you will pile gardening stuff in one pile, keepsakes in another pile and then woodworking and tools in another pile.  You may have to dedicate each wall of the shed for each particular area you are organizing.  Try to limit it to about 4 piles or less as that will help with the organization aspect.  You really do not want 7 or 8 piles of things or you will just get it confused.


organizing your shed ideaNext you go through the piles and break them down even more, this time into two piles of “treasure” or “trash.”  I like to assign each category with treasure or trash so there’s no in between. No room for “I’m going to decide on this later.”
Decide right there and then if it’s either staying or going.  There is no in between.  Now the thing is, the trash pile doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to the garbage.  Remember the old saying, “one man’s trash (or junk) is another man’s treasure.”?   Wait till the next step for this one.
In regards to your shed really look at your piles and make sure you are going to use the stuff in  your pile.  If you have equipment and it is outdated or broken, then it is a great time to get rid of those items and think of replacing them.
Make a list of all these bad items so it can be your shopping list for the next time you are at Amazon shopping.  For example, take your list and search on Amazon to find out a great replacement with good reviews, etc…  You may find a new tool or just a better replacement for your existing tool.
These are the basic areas on Amazon below.
You get the picture I’m sure.


This is where you go through the “trash” and break it down once more.  This time you will decide on what can be donated, what can be sold, and what’s going to the dumpster.  You can donate to your local church or to Goodwill and that can be a tax write off or charitable contribution.  Furthermore, you can give it to a neighbor who could benefit from a free tool or item.  Some will have a yard sale or sell the older items on ebay.  All of these things will allow you to get rid of your items and maybe make a little cash in the process.
Next step is where you get organized…


organizing your shedOnce you’ve gotten all the “trash” out of the area, now you can organize the items you’ve decided to keep.  This is the tricky part as you will put all like items back in an organized fashion.  You may need storage racks or drawers, etc…  However, once you have these things in their respective pile it is easy to put them away.  Always keep like items together.
There are many options for storage and here are a few of my recommendations.  I have used these shelves by Amazon Basics and they are an Amazon Choice best seller.  They are of good quality and great reviews.  When it comes to rakes and shovels you can use a hanging organizer that keeps the tools out of the way and also organized.  Rough Rack makes a great rack that is so sturdy so you can hang anything heavy on that rack.  It too is a best seller on Amazon and an Amazon Choice item.
Don’t forget to look at standing tool box workbenches.  This is a really good bench from Seville Classics that is easy to put together and free shipping on Amazon.  These can be a little costly but will serve the purpose of storage and double as a workbench for your shed or garage.  I have this workbench and can pretty much do any project I want with the tools right below in the drawers.

Organize A Shed -Conclusion

There are many great purposes for a shed.  However, if it is too cluttered, then the shed cannot be used to its fullest potential.  Learn how to organize a shed using the PACT method and get the most out of your shed.  You can use these tips not only for a shed but for any part of your life that needs organized.  If you need more help with organization there is a great book Organizing 101.  This book has helped me and countless others with getting rid of clutter and organizing their home, shed and life.  Check it out here.
Hope This Helps,
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