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bow to build a single shed door

How To Build A Single Shed Door

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Learn how to build a single shed door the easy way.  There are many types of doors you can put on your shed.  However, the basic single shed door is the most common shed door.  There are many ways you can design the single shed door to make it look great with your shed.  Read more to learn how to design, build and install a single shed door.

Build A Single Shed Door - Design

The design of a single shed door is pretty basic.  However, you can get creative with your design and make it look just the way you want.  Some sheds are basic and the door is like a barn door.  On the other hand there are she sheds that have very creative single shed door.  You have to decide on what type of single shed door design is right for you.  

So do you install a single shed door with a window or no window.  That is one option depending on your shed.  You will also need to decide what type of shed door lock you need.  You can read my post here on shed door locks.  The options here vary greatly as you can put a pad lock on the door or shed lock bar.  My suggestion is to make it as secure as you need while keeping the look of your shed in line with the design of the shed.

Now that you have the design you desire you have to build the door.  On the other hand you can purchase a door that will work.  Just make sure you get the right dimensions for your door and the hardware needed to install the door properly. 

Build A Single Shed Door - The Build

On to the build of the door. I started writing this post and found these great images on Construct 101.  This is a great website that has many plans and ideas on building.  You can check them out here.  Start with the dimensions of your door opening.  To make this a simple process we are going to make this project a shed with siding.  Your shed frame is built and the siding is installed on the shed.  You have a door opening cut and you need to build a door.

build a single shed doorFirst thing you do is get some 2×4’s and cut them to the dimensions of your single shed door opening.  This will build a frame around the door opening.

Second thing is to use finishing nails and nail the 2×4’s to the opening for the door.  This will make the trim for the door opening.  It will also be strong enough for the hardware that is needed for the door installation.

Door Construction

Now that the door frame is constructed on the shed.  We have to build the door.  Get the new dimensions of the door frame with the 2×4 trim installed.  This might change when you build the frame, but most of the time it will not change if done correctly.

Now get 2×4’s and cut them to the dimensions of the door that will sit in the door frame.  Lay them out so they make a door and nail them together.  In addition, you can use brackets to at the corners that will hold the 2×4’s together.  However, I would make sure the brackets are located on the inside part of the door so they are not visible from the outside. 

Exterior Door Construction

build a single shed doorOnce the frame is constructed you can add a piece of plywood or other type of finishing board that you may want for the front of the door.  Cut and lay the finishing board on your door frame you just built.  Secure the finishing board to the door frame with the proper type of nails.  

The next step is where you can get creative.  Now you can design the exterior door however you want.  So, if you want to paint it a special color then now is the time.  Furthermore, if you want a window then now is the time to cut the dimensions for your window or door transom.  Depending on the window style you will need to follow the manufacturers installation instructions for a proper installation.

Door Installation

There has been a lot of work already done.  You built the frame for the door.  The door is built and now it has to be put in place.  So now you have to get some sturdy hinges to hold the door.  If the door is really heavy then you have to get hinges that can hold a heavy door.  Make sure you get this right or the door will have to be rehung again.  Do it once and be done.

Place the door in the frame and make sure it will be a nice fit.  Once you know this then lay the door down and place the hinges on the exterior of the door.  Once these are installed place the door in the door frame.  With the door in the frame it is best to secure the door in the frame with a friend or friends holding the door in the right place.  Fasten the hinges to the door frame with the proper type of secure screws.

build a single shed door

Build A Single Shed Door - Finishing Touch

Almost done with the door at this point.  Now you need a handle and a lock.  This can be one unit like you have in your house door.  However, in our basic installation instructions there will be a handle and then a door lock separately. 

First thing is to purchase a handle that corresponds with the design of your shed and single shed door.  You can find great deals on custom door handles here. Place the handle at the right spot and secure it to the door with the proper screws.  These are typically included with the package for the handle.

shed lock

The lock for this type of door will be a pad lock.  So you have to get a double hinged safety hasp like the one here.  This will allow you to install a lock to the hinge and secure your shed.  The type of lock you use is up to you.  Just don’t lose the key.

Questions You May Have

Is having 2×4 trim on the door and frame necessary or considered overkill structurally?

Having 2×4 trim on the door and frame can be viewed as essential in providing structural support and stability. The 2×4 trim acts as the framing for the doors, serving as a crucial component for holding the T-11 plywood in place and maintaining the shape of the structure. While there may not be a 2×4 structure on the inside of the door itself, the presence of the 2×4 studs on the frame is necessary to ensure the overall integrity of the door construction. Therefore, it is not considered overkill structurally to have 2×4 trim on the door and frame, as it plays a vital role in enhancing the durability and functionality of the door system.

Is there an advantage in utilizing pressure treated skids instead of placing the band into concrete deck block when building a shed?

When considering whether to use pressure-treated skids versus placing the band directly into concrete deck blocks when building a shed, there are several factors to consider.

Pressure-treated skids offer the advantage of protection against rot, decay, and insect damage, making them a durable option that can prolong the lifespan of your shed. They also provide better stability and support for the shed structure, especially in areas with varying moisture levels that could affect the integrity of the foundation.

On the other hand, placing the band directly into concrete deck blocks can be a quicker and potentially more cost-effective method, as it reduces the need for additional materials like skids. However, it may not offer the same level of protection against moisture and pests as pressure-treated skids do.

Ultimately, the choice between pressure-treated skids and concrete deck blocks depends on your specific needs, budget, and environmental conditions. If you prioritize longevity and durability, pressure-treated skids may be the better option. However, if convenience and cost are your main concerns, placing the band into concrete deck blocks could be a suitable alternative.

What is the function of the 1/2″ plywood between the two 2x4s used as a header in a shed construction project?

The 1/2″ plywood between the two 2x4s serves to ensure that the header is flush with the framing. By stacking the two 2x4s, which have a total width of 3′, and adding the 0.5′ plywood in between, you achieve a header that is 3.5′ wide. This increased width allows for a flush finish with the framing structure, providing stability and uniformity in the shed construction project.


In conclusion, there are many styles of doors that one can build or buy for their shed.  However, if you have a shed that is a basic storage shed, then you may want to build basic single shed door.  The construction is simple with the right ideas and a little know how.  Find the style that fits your shed.  Get the right materials for the build.  These will include 2×4’s, exterior door trim to your choosing.  Buy a handle, hinges and a lock and then your are set for the door.  You can find most of these objects on Amazon here.  However, you can find them also at your local hardware store.

I hope this helps with your shed building. 


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