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Should You Use A Shed Lock Bar?

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Should you use a shed lock bar for shed security?  There are many options when it comes to securing your contents in you shed.  A shed lock bar is a great way to provide maximum security for your contents.  They are also relatively easy to install.  Once installed, maintenance is a breeze.  Your precious belongings will be most secure when you lock your shed.   This is because a shed lock bar is the most secure way to secure your shed.  Read more to find out how to use this lock for the best security.

What Is A Shed Lock Bar?

A shed lock bar is a way to secure your shed.  It is a bar that is made of heavy metal that cannot be broken.  It is attached to the outside of your shed door.  There are locks on both sides of the bar to add to more security.  One can only get into the shed by having a way of unlocking both locks on the shed lock bar.  

The lock bar comes in many varieties of metals.  The take home point is the shed lock bar is made of tough metal that is not easily broken.  The lock bar is usually heavier than other locks.  Installation will require heavy duty fasteners.  

Questions You May Have...

What considerations should be made when choosing security measures for a shed, taking into account noise, visibility, and potential resale value of stolen items?

When selecting security measures for a shed, it is essential to consider several factors including noise levels, visibility, and the potential resale value of items stored inside. To address noise concerns, choosing sturdy materials and mechanisms such as heavy-duty hinges, bolts, and screws can help deter theft without creating excessive noise during attempted break-ins. Improving visibility around the shed by installing motion sensor security lights at strategic locations can make unauthorized access more conspicuous and act as a deterrent. Additionally, enhancing door security with features like barrel bolts, hasps, and reinforced frames can make the shed more resistant to break-ins and reduce the likelihood of items being stolen. By carefully considering these factors and implementing appropriate security measures, it is possible to make the shed less vulnerable to theft attempts while also increasing the chances of deterring potential intruders.

To enhance the security of a shed and protect its contents, various measures can be implemented. For instance, incorporating motion sensor lights that are strategically placed around the shed’s exterior can help deter intruders by illuminating the area upon detecting movement. Furthermore, reinforcing the shed’s doors with heavy-duty hinges and bolts can make it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access. By using high-quality hardware such as carriage bolts, fender washers, flat-head screws, and barrel bolts, the doors can be securely fastened to the frame, adding an extra layer of protection. Additionally, installing a sturdy hasp with machine screws and nuts on the exterior of one door can further enhance security measures. These combined security features can work in tandem to safeguard the shed’s contents effectively.

How To Install On The Outside

Installing a lock bar is relatively easy.  Before you start the installation make sure you gather all of the tools required for the installation.  Read the instructions entirely to make sure the lock bar is the right one to secure your shed.  

  1. You have to measure the door width.
  2. Purchase the shed lock bar that will stretch across the width of the door.
  3. Make sure you have the right tools for the installation.  You will typically need a drill, screwdriver, tape measure and a level.
  4. Install the side brackets at the right dimensions so the lock bar will fit perfectly.
  5. Place the lock bar in the brackets.
  6. Place the locks on the lock bar and now you are secure.
shed lock bar

How To Install On The Inside

Another option for a lock bar is to install one on the inside of the door.  However, it can only be locked from the inside.  Therefore, it is only for a shed that would double as mini home to secure the person that is on the INSIDE.  It is not typical for a shed but only for a shed where someone is on the inside and needs to secure them from the inside of the shed.  You can check out Dooricade below.  It can be a good indoor lock for a home.

When To Install The Lock Bar

When you are in the phases of looking at shed plans you should decide on which locks will secure your shed.  You can find many different custom shed plans here.  Find a shed plan that will allow a lock bar to be installed and look pleasing.

Now it is the time to build the shed.  This is the time to install your locking options that fits the style of your shed.  You will have your tools out and you will be in the shed building mode. As you can see from the instructions above it is relatively simple to install.

One other thing to consider is the area where you live.  If you live in an area that has an increase in crime and break ins, then you need to make sure you secure the shed.  In this case the lock bar would be the best way to secure your shed.

Where To Get Your Lock

You can get a shed lock bar at many hardware stores.  They will typically cost between $40 – $200 depending on what the lock bar construction.  However, you can find many of them on the lower end of the cost that work well.  

I found one on Amazon with good reviews.  The Door Bar Pro AIO TS XL Steel Door Security Bar – Fits Any Inswing or Outswing Double Doors or French Doors from 48″ to 84″ Wide.  You can Find it on Amazon here.

Conclusion & Other Shed Door Locks

In my opinion a lock bar is the most secure way to keep your stuff safe.  Remember it is easier to do in the building process since your tools will be out anyway.  Most of these locks are installed on the outside.  However, if your shed needs to be secure from the inside one can install one there too.

If you do not want a lock bar there are many other options such as Door locks, Deadbolts and a simple pad lock.  We  will do another post about these locks also.

I hope this helps!


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