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Shed Guttering

As you prepare to build your shed don’t forget about shed guttering.  Once you get a great shed plan you will then need a gutter, or you will have a big wet mess around the shed.  Prevent the possibility of wood rot or foundation erosion by installing shed guttering.  Not sure how to do this?  Read more…

Shed Guttering – Why

You spent all this time finding the right plan and getting the lumber and now you are going to build your shed.  However, you need to think about what you are going to do about rainwater runoff.  The water that can accumulate around your shed can be massive.  Therefore, you need a strategy to handle this water.  Also, with guttering you can get creative to catching the rain water so you can reuse it for your garden or plants.  Further, by having a gutter system you can protect your shed foundation from erosion by moving the water away from the shed.

Shed Guttering – Options

You can install basic guttering if you are building your own shed.  The installation is simple and can be done yourself.  However, to make it easy get somebody to help you.  The options are outlined below with videos but include aluminum gutters, add on systems and a unique Hall’s Rainsaver system.

Install Aluminum Gutters


Install Add On Guttering.


shed guttering bracketsThere are also add on guttering systems with plastic or metal brackets that are installed and then plastic gutters are snapped into place.   Pretty easy install as you can see from the video.

Hall’s Rainsaver Guttering.

Hall's shed Guttering System

Shed guttering halls rainsaver bracket

Finally, there is a Hall’s Rainsaver kit that attaches to the shed roof by a bracket and then the guttering is attached to the bracket. It is a gutter system that can be installed quickly and will save the rainwater for use in your garden or plants.  However, the simplicity is the ability to install this system quickly with it’s “Rainsaver Bracket”.  As you can see from the pictures it can quickly install on the shed roof and then the guttering attaches to this bracket.  Then you can direct the water to just about anywhere you want.

Shed Guttering – Conclusion

Don’t be fooled thinking you do not need shed guttering.  Save yourself the future headache of a ruined shed foundation or sloppy watery mess next to your shed.  This can lead to wood rot if the area stays wet enough.  Find the guttering system that looks good with your shed plan and explore the options that fit.  Get the right shed plans and build the shed you need for your home.

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Shed Window Ideas

potting shed window ideasWhen building your shed you definitely will want some shed window ideas to let light into the shed.  There are various options for windows and some are costly while others are more inexpensive.  Your shed plan will most likely dictate what windows you install.  For example a basic storage or a lean to shed may not have any windows since it is all about safety and storage.  However, a potting shed will definitely have windows as will your typical garden shed.  So pick the shed plan you want or need and then you can decide on the windows.  You also will want to think about the cost of the windows and the quality depending on your climate and weather conditions.

Shed Window Ideas – Wall Options…

There are many options with wall windows and it depends on the style of your shed.

shed window ideas glass paneA single pane glass window is inexpensive and easy to install and will add adequate sunlight into your shed but not provide much protection from the weather.  A double pane glass window is good for areas with harsher climates and will help keep your shed insulated from the weather.

plantar box shed window ideasIf you are dressing up your shed, then you can put a potting window with a box for plants outside.  You can even build the planters box with the right plans since you are building your shed anyway.

Shed window ideas with shutters Some people will put shutters around their windows while others like the windows with just a small frame.  It really depends on your style.

Shed Window Ideas – Door Options…

shed window ideas for the doorThere are a few door options in my opinion and again it depends on the purpose of your shed.  If your shed is for storage and protection, then I do not recommend windows on the doors.  However, if you are going to have a shed that is going to be used a lot, then a window on the door is a good option to allow you to see outside.  Most of the windows on the doors are typically made with the door so you can find the many options when choosing your door.  Some have installed screen doors also, but that is for another post.

transom shed window ideasFurthermore, transom windows are really nice.  If you did not know, they are the windows above the door and fixed into the wall.  They let in constant sunlight also.

Shed Window Ideas – Roof Options…

Ifpolycarbonate shed window ideas you are using your shed for gardening or potting, then you may want to think about windows on the roof to allow sunlight into your shed.  It will help with the plants for sure.  You can use glass or Polycarbonate sheets.  I recommend the Polycarbonate sheets because they are tougher than glass and can withstand the weather elements better.   If you put the sheets on the wall and the roof then you can build your shed into it’s own greenhouse.

Shed Window Ideas, Conclusion…

As you plan and build your shed you will definitely want some windows depending on the plan you choose to build and the purpose of the shed.  Finding the right shed windows can be overwhelming but if you think about the shed purpose, then it can be real simple.

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Shed Door Options

JB here and a new post on shed door options.  Depending on your shed style you can have many different types of shed doors with some of the doors being very elaborate while some are basic doors.  The doors are most commonly made from different materials including wood and metal.  There are many styles of doors and some options include basic doors, sliding doors or even like a garage door.

Not for sure which door you need for your shed?  It really depends on the purpose and style of your shed.   For example, if you have a shed for lawn equipment then you may want a wide open doorway like a dual opening door.  However, if you have a shed that is like a man cave then a regular door with a lock would be preferred.

Types of Common Shed Door Options:

Basic Shed Door Options.  This is exactly the way it sounds.  A basic door with hinges.  One of the easiest doors to install.  You can even build your own door if you are handy enough.  They come in all sizes and shapes and are custom to your opening.  You can have wood or metal.

Shed Door options

Sliding Shed Door Options:  These doors are nice to maximize your floor space because these doors slide open on a track so no part of the door swings into your floor space.   With extra floor space you have more options in what you can do in your shed.  Sliding doors are built with different materials including wood and glass so there are many options finding the one you want for your shed.

Sliding Shed Door options

Dual Opening Shed Door Options: These doors open up together or one at a time.  Very useful for sheds with lawn equipment or if you need a really large doorway to get any other equipment in or out of the shed.

Dual Open Shed Door options

Roll Up Shed Door Options:  This is basically a garage door for your shed and looks really cool.  You can find out how to build this in your shed at one of my previous posts.  This door is locked and secured easily so it adds to the security of your shed.  Therefore these doors are just like the doors on a storage shed that one would pay a monthly fee to secure their belongings.  They allow maximum floor space for storage but may not be the best door if you are going to do some work in your shed.

Roll Up Shed Door options

Now you know the basics of shed doors so you can get creative and find the right door for your shed.

Learn to build sheds here.

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Shed Shelving and Storage

JB here and welcome to my post about shed shelving and storage. Thought I would write an article in regards to shelving.  Once you have the shed built you will definitely need some shelving to organize the contents. The shelves you need will really depend on the contents of your shed. For instance, if you built a shed for a man cave then you will need different shed shelving as compared to a shed for lawn equipment.  There are many different types of shelves.  Read more to find out the differences.

Shed Shelving and Storage- Here are some examples:


Ceiling shelves.  This shelf is installed in the ceiling of the shed and hangs down over top of the floor space. Most people put bulky objects in this type of shelf because it will free up floor space.

shed shelving and storage



Professional looking cabinets. These cabinets can be either store-bought or custom-made to your needs. They are at Home Depot, Lowe’s and Amazon. There is a typical garage look to them and are very useful if your shed is going to be something for woodworking or projects.  Perfect for a Man Cave.

shed shelving and storage kit

Basic wire rack.  I am not sure this one needs much explanation. It is basically a standing rack that allows you to put on various objects.  They are further organized with plastic bins to keep everything nice and tidy.  Cost effective, inexpensive and very versatile cabinets.

Handmade Wooden Shed Shelving and Storage.  If you are a woodworker you can build these shelves yourself. You can customize them with different drawers and cabinets. You can find them at many different wood shops and furniture stores. They are a nice addition if your shed is going to be upscale.

Plastic Shed Shelving and Storage. This too is a very inexpensive shelving system. They are at the local department store or Amazon. Basically, you build these shelves in varying heights as they are extremely inexpensive and are probably the most used shelving system in garages and sheds.

Hanging Shed Shelving and Storage.  These shelves attach to your wall with typically a metal bracket. The shelf itself can be either wood or a wire rack. Depending on the material they can increase the cost of your shelving. There are also elongated hanging racks that are used for lawn equipment such as rakes, shovels, and brooms.


Find the right shed shelving for your shed by actively evaluating your needs. Take these suggestions and use them in your house or garage.  You can find all of these things on Amazon or your local department store.

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