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The Top Potting Shed Ideas

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What are the top potting shed ideas? If you are a gardener, then you will want a potting shed to help with all of your gardening needs.  The top ideas to consider in regards to a potting shed are as follows:
  1.  Space and Storage for accomplishing your work.
  2. Windows to allow sunlight into the shed to help the plants.
  3. Ventilation to allow proper air flow.
  4. Water and Drainage issues.
potting shed greenhouseA potting shed is considered to be the heart of your gardening activities.  It is a central place to plant and prepare all of your gardening needs for the year.   The potting shed is creatively designed to store your garden tools and accomplish most of your gardening tasks.  From the name it implies that it is the primary area and purpose to repot plants. However, if the potting shed is built and outfitted properly it can be a central place to do all of your gardening preparation.  Repotting can be a tough task to do and is a messy activity as you will need water and definitely a drainage source.  Furthermore, your potting shed is a perfect place for starting young plants in the winter provided there is a heat source in your shed.

The Potting Shed Ideas – Space and Storage

A potting shed is not only for planting but if the shed is big enough you can store your gardening equipment. If it is very large you may even be able to store a lawnmower or powered equipment like a tiller that you may use in your gardening. If you are going to build a big potting shed that will store your equipment then you will need to know how to build a shed ramp as well as provide for proper ventilation in your potting shed. Furthermore, you will need to make sure you either have a table built into the shed or at least a long table that you can use for your potting needs. Storage within the potting shed is of significant importance. There are many items you will need to store such as gardening tools. However, there are seeds as well as plant bulbs that will need to be stored. You should look for proper storage racks as well as bins to store the seeds and bulbs. Furthermore, you will need to make sure that you have adequate storage for fertilizer as well as topsoil. These will be rather large bags and will need to be accessible for planting.

The Potting Shed Ideas – Windows

The potting shed will need to be outfitted with the proper amount of windows to allow for sunlight to help with the planting. There are many options including windows on the walls and skylight windows.  How many windows you need really depends on how you are going to utilize your shed. You may want to have a potting shed that is basically a greenhouse where all of the walls and ceiling are windows. However, most sheds will be built out of wood and will have windows throughout the shed to allow in the proper sunlight.  You can read more about shed windows at my previous post.

The Potting Shed Ventilation

As with all sheds you will need to have the proper ventilation. This is especially true for planting as you do not want a fungus to start growing and ruin your plans. There are also many health concerns as well as structural concerns in regards to the proper ventilation within your shed. You can read my previous post on ventilation options here. shed skylightInstalling skylights that have automatic openings is a good addition to a potting shed. These skylights will open or shut depending on the temperature and humidity within the shed.  This allows an easy way of controlling the ventilation within the shed.  However, if you have multiple windows installed to allow for sunlight, then you can easily open the windows as needed when you are in the shed. Finally it is wise to have some ventilation at the apex or top of the shed to allow for proper airflow throughout the shed.

The Potting Shed Ideas – Water & Drainage

If you plan on doing a lot of planting in your shed, then you will need to definitely have a water and drainage solution.   When you begin planning for your shed you will need to make sure you have a solution for bringing water into the shed. You may need to get a plumber to run a line from your home to the shed.  However, you may be able to get a well dug and have that water supply funneled to your shed also.  This will cut down on water costs in the long run. In addition, you may want to have a drainage solution if you plan on working with a lot of plants and water.  If that is the case, then you need to make sure you have the proper floor drainage in your shed plans.  Otherwise you will need to make sure you have a floor that is concrete so you can sweep the water out of the shed.  You definitely do not want a wood floor if you are using a lot of water.

The Potting Shed Ideas- Sizes

There are many sizes to consider and which one is right for you depends on your needs.  Some will need a large space for storage of equipment while others just want a small space to put some plants together.  So, here are some ideas to help you decide. Small shed sizes will be ideal for small scale gardening.  Most likely some hand tools and pots with the planting supplies.  A nice size table and windows.  Not really any constant water supply needed.  Small storage racks and some bins. Medium shed sizes will allow some heavier equipment in the shed like a tiller, bigger shovels and bigger gardening tools as well as the smaller hand tools.  Most will have a water supply but could get by without one depending on your needs.  Small to medium size racks with bins. Large shed sizes will allow a lawnmower and tiller and other gardening tools and hand tools.  Large storage racks and a water supply with a drainage system recommended. You can find a nice collection of shed plans here that has all sizes imaginable.

The Potting Shed Ideas- Conclusion

There are many potting shed ideas to consider when it comes to building your shed.  You have to take into consideration the amount of planting you will do as well as the amount of equipment you will store.  This will determine the amount of space and storage you will need.  If you are doing a lot of planting in the shed then you may want a water supply and a good drainage system.  However, those additions will need to be known before you build and will need to be in the shed plans.  Finally, don’t forget about ventilation to protect your health and the structure of  your shed. Cheers, JB
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