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Ryan’s Shed Plans Review

JB here.  My subscribers and I have used these plans and find them to be perfect for building sheds and a great resource for their library.  If you are planning on building a shed then check out my review.

Ryan’s Shed Plans Review:

Ryan Henderson is a master woodworker with over 30 years experience and has developed Ryan’s Shed Plans.  This is a detailed digital book with 12,000 shed plans available for instant download with many different bonus offers.  The plans are detailed because they are written by a master woodworker.  He has taught many newbie woodworkers over the past 30 years how to build sheds and other woodworking projects.  He is skilled in the art of woodworking and put together a nice, large set of plans.  The plans are easy to read with step-by-step instructions.

Ryan's Shed Plans

Ryan’s plans have thousands of plans and a number of these plans you can find on the internet for free.  However, good luck trying to find all of these plans on your own to evaluate and review.  It has taken him years to compile all these plans and I tell most of my subscribers to use his program as a resource just like you would a book.   His plans are not all you would ever need in regards to shed plans, but it is a nice start.   For the cost of the program, it is on par with any book you would buy at the store to find shed ideas or plans.  However, you get thousands of plans and 4 bonus offers.

Bonus offers include:

Advanced Woodworking Tips

Directory of Woodworking Suppliers

Magic Modification Workbook (to adjust any plan to your space)

Additional 400 Woodworking Projects (Not Just Sheds)

This is an inexpensive but great set of plans given the amount of information you get with 12000 shed plans and bonus offers.  As noted above some of the plans you can find on the internet if you have the time and resources.  However, if you want it all done for you in a complete package then check it out.

Free plan and access to Ryans Shed Plans.

For what it’s worth,


Ted’s Woodworking Program

JB here and since I do a fair amount of woodworking I thought I would review Ted’s Woodworking Program.  I get asked a lot about where I get my plans to do my woodworking.  Throughout the years I have used many plans.  I was lucky enough to stumble upon Ted’s Program.

Ted’s Woodworking Program:

The program is all over the internet and has 16,000 plans.  It is true that there are thousands of plans.  Easy to read plans with step by step instructions.  Ted is a master woodworker that put the plans together after many years of research.  Plans are detailed as you can see from some of my pictures.  Therefore,  I use these plans for many activities with kids and the community.

You get a great set of woodworking plans that will show you how to build things like furniture, outdoor projects, small crafts and kids projects.  Further, there are multiple bonus offers.

Bonus Offers:

CAD Plan Viewer

150 Premium Woodworking Videos

How To Start A Woodworking Business

Complete Woodworking Guides

Free Lifetime Updates

If you are into woodworking and want a set of plans that practically build themselves.  These plans are for you.  I use them routinely and  you should to if you are doing woodworking.  Woodworking is fun and easy.   So get the plans and do some projects.  You’ll realize how great it is to build things the right way.  I have a special offer through my website-Click Here.

Have fun,