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Garden Shed Designs and Plans

Your garden will never be complete until you find the right garden shed designs and plans. Planting your favorite flowering or ornament plants is not as easy as freeing a turtle to the sea where it will survive in its own.  It not only takes time and commitment but you need pots, tools and equipment and of course a place to put those things.  That is why a garden shed is a basic need.  It will free up garage space for your cars.   Gardening is more than just a hobby as it offers a great results for your commitment.  Ensuring garden success can be easy with the addition of a garden shed.

garden shed designs and plans


Garden Shed Designs and Plans- Who Can Benefit

It is given that a garden shed is for those who have a real heart for gardening but, aside from that, who else will be benefited?

* Sports lovers. Generally, a garden shed is used in organizing or storing garden tools, equipment or accessories but aside from that, sports lovers will be highly benefited. If you are one of those who is an avid fan of different sports, you can freely organize all of your sports equipment for biking, basketball, skiing, golf, fishing and any other. By doing so, you will be able to prevent any damages on your hobby or sports equipment which will help you prolongs its usage.

* Office Workers. There might times that you have to bring your office works at home or you are working at home without enough space good thing, you can convert your garden shed into a private room where you are able to place your computer and phone lines.  Before turning your garden shed into a home office, you need to consider some factors like convenience and comfort. You have to ensure that you get enough space and accessible power supply. After that, you can enjoy your private room and continue your productivity.

* Artists. If you are an artist and you do not want your home to look messy, turning your garden shed into a workshop room or art studio is a perfect idea for you try. By doing this, it will help you a lot in reducing the dirt, dust, paper clutters, and twigs from building furniture or any other scrap materials while you are at work.

Garden Shed Designs and Plans- Versatility

Truly, a basic garden shed offers a versatile use as well as it will introduce you into a more flexible purpose. By thinking of a more functional role of your garden shed, it will help you save money in searching for an alternative solution for additional room. You can customize the shed with windows and different types of doors to make it all your own.  You don’t even need to use it for gardening as the other uses noted above are a good reason to get a basic room for space.  Also, it will help you with more space for your important stuff at home.

A garden shed also comes in a variety of sizes and designs for you to choose from. The wide selection of garden sheds will help you choose the perfect one that will suit your needs and requirements. You may choose from metal, plastic and wooden garden sheds with the standard sizes of 4×3, 5×3, 5×4, 6×3, 6×4, 7×5, 7×7 and much more.



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The Lawn Mower Storage Shed

The lawn mower storage shed is perfect for all of your lawn equipment needs.  You spent a lot of money on your equipment so the perfect action for you to do is to store them properly and to do so you most likely will want a lawn shed.

lawn mower storage shed

The truth is, building a shed for your lawn equipment is a big deal so choosing the bets type of shed is important.  With the many different types of the sheds, it might bring you into a bit of confusion as to which type of shed you need but the following comparison between the different types of lawn sheds, will make it easier for you to choose.

Lawn Mower Storage Shed – Comparisons…

*Plastic Lawn Mower Storage Shed. Yes, you read it right, a lawn shed made of plastic. If you are wondering if it is really possible to make a shed out of plastic well, the answer is yes. Plastic is one of those materials that are perfect to make a shed. You can come up with an economical design, neat looking, easy to assemble with low maintenance type of shed. Also, the plastic shed is a good choice for storing riding lawn mower as well as your long handled gardening tools.  Easy to assemble and quick.

*Metal Lawn Mower Storage Shed. For the past years, the metal lawn shed has become popular for backyard purposes. This type of shed is known for its durability and affordability. This type of shed will not require much repair and can stand alone with any harsh weather conditions making it popular type of lawn shed for factory and warehouse equipment storage.

*Wood Lawn Mower Storage Shed. Wood is considered as the traditional material used to build a shed where you can easily build one yourself or buy one in various shapes and sizes.  This will give you the best looking and easiest for you to build.  Furthermore, you can rely on its strength and sturdiness which can withstand any type of weather condition.

*Fabric Lawn Mower Storage Shed. It may give you a tent look but, it is actually a shed. And, this will be your easy, convenient and inexpensive storage solution for your lawn equipment which will protect them from most weather conditions. But, the life of this lawn shed will depend on the quality of its cover, frame strength and the weather it is being exposed to.

Lawn Mower Storage Shed – Conclusion

So, if you want an easy to install lawn shed, a plastic shed is the perfect and quickest shed.  The metal sheds are more sturdy but heavy and difficult to assemble.  The Fabric shed is cheaper and good for certain seasons but don’t expect to last too long.  The wooden shed seems to be the best for your money due to its various designs and easy to buy or build.

Whichever shed you want you have to consider the size of the shed you have to pick.

Typical Examples:

8×8 for riding mower (metal, wood, plastic, fabric)
Vertical for push mower (plastic, wood)
Horizontal for bike (plastic, wood)
12×12 for motorbike (metal, bike)
12×20 for SUV (metal, wood)



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