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Pole Shed Ideas

There are many pole shed ideas to consider when building a pole shed.  A pole shed or pole barn is a unique shed that is built without a floor.  If you need to build a shed that is used like a barn, then the pole shed is the right choice.  It is a great shed for animals.  It provides protection from the elements and the floor is the ground so it is natural to the animal.  These sheds are also constructed as a garage or built without walls over driveways to provide cover for cars.  This type of shed is built around a series of poles placed in the ground and the walls and roof are then built around the poles.  Pole Shed Ideas

Pole Shed Ideas – Preparation

The first thing to do is decide how big of a pole shed you need to build.  This depends on the use of the shed.  If the shed is for animals, then how many animals and how much space per animal do you need.  If you are going to build the shed over your driveway to serve as a cover for your car, then how big is the car.

Once you have the size down then the ground does need a little preparation.  You will need to remove any trees or debris that will be in the way.  Furthermore, you will need to make sure the ground is level.  If you are using the shed for animals only, then you do not need to add a gravel base.  However, if you are going to be driving equipment in and out of the shed then a gravel foundation may be needed.pole shed ideas gravel foundation

Pole Shed Ideas – Digging Holes & Setting Poles

Pole spacing and hole digging.  

Once you have the ground and foundation done you need to start your building process.  The first thing to do is dig the holes and space them no more than 8 feet apart.  You need the poles close together to add stability.  Also, you need to dig the holes between 3-5 feet deep depending on the size of your shed and the shed plans you are using.  Most will use an auger to dig the holes since they are so deep.

Setting The Poles.

pole shed ideas postsOnce you have the holes dug at the proper dimensions for your plans, then you need to set the poles.  You will need to mix the proper amount of concrete and place it in the hole and then add the pole to the hole and concrete.  Brace the poles in a level vertical position and let the concrete set for a few days.  Once the concrete is set you will need to make sure that all poles are the same height.  They will be off since each hole will be of different exact depths so the poles will not be at the same height.  However, you can cut them to the same height either now or later in the building process as I have seen it done either way.

Pole Shed Ideas – Roof and Walls

Building The Roof

The poles are now set and level so it is time to start building the roof.  The first thing to do is put on the roof support beams.  These beams will attach one pole to the other and make a rectangular looking structure.  They also determine the height of your shed as the trusses will be attached to these beams.  How these beams attach to the poles will depend on your shed plans.  Some plans will have the boards fit into notches cut in your poles while others have them attached with metal plates.

Once the support beams are in place then you will need to build the trusses for your roof.  Most pole shed roofs are a basic triangle shaped roof so your plans should have the right pitch and measurements to build your trusses.  Make sure the trusses are in place and secure.  If needed, add some extra boards for support making sure the roofing structure is solid.  If you haven’t cut the poles to the same height then now is the time.Pole Shed Ideas

Building The Walls

The roof structure is in place and now you need to add some 2×4’s to attach one pole to the other.  These boards will be perpendicular to the poles.  This will build the framing structure you need so you can later add plywood for walls.  The 2×4’s closer to the ground should be pressure treated lumber so they are more resistant to the elements.

Pole Shed Ideas – Roofing Material and Siding

Roofing Material

The roofing material you want for your shed will depend on the style and budget of your shed.  There are many options including asphalt shingles, metal roofing, etc…  Check my previous post on roofing materials to help you decide.  You will also need to decide on shed guttering as you do not want a water issue later.


With the walls built you will either want to paint the boards or put some siding on the shed.  This will depend again on your budget and the look of your shed.  There are many options to siding including vinyl, concrete, wood, etc…  See the differences between siding choices at my previous post on siding ideas.

Pole Shed Ideas – Conclusion

Here is a video that shows a pole shed being built as a garage for tractor storage.

The pole shed is a great versatile shed that can be built at a reduced cost because there is no foundation or flooring.  However, if you are going to have equipment in the shed then you may want to think of a gravel foundation, but it is not required.  As you can tell building the pole shed is a more simple process than other sheds but it depends on your shed plans.

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