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Pole Shed Ideas

There are many pole shed ideas to consider when building a pole shed.  A pole shed or pole barn is a unique shed that is built without a floor.  If you need to build a shed that is used like a barn, then the pole shed is the right choice.  It is a great shed for animals.  It provides protection from the elements and the floor is the ground so it is natural to the animal.  These sheds are also constructed as a garage or built without walls over driveways to provide cover for cars.  This type of shed is built around a series of poles placed in the ground and the walls and roof are then built around the poles.  Pole Shed Ideas

Pole Shed Ideas – Preparation

The first thing to do is decide how big of a pole shed you need to build.  This depends on the use of the shed.  If the shed is for animals, then how many animals and how much space per animal do you need.  If you are going to build the shed over your driveway to serve as a cover for your car, then how big is the car.

Once you have the size down then the ground does need a little preparation.  You will need to remove any trees or debris that will be in the way.  Furthermore, you will need to make sure the ground is level.  If you are using the shed for animals only, then you do not need to add a gravel base.  However, if you are going to be driving equipment in and out of the shed then a gravel foundation may be needed.pole shed ideas gravel foundation

Pole Shed Ideas – Digging Holes & Setting Poles

Pole spacing and hole digging.  

Once you have the ground and foundation done you need to start your building process.  The first thing to do is dig the holes and space them no more than 8 feet apart.  You need the poles close together to add stability.  Also, you need to dig the holes between 3-5 feet deep depending on the size of your shed and the shed plans you are using.  Most will use an auger to dig the holes since they are so deep.

Setting The Poles.

pole shed ideas postsOnce you have the holes dug at the proper dimensions for your plans, then you need to set the poles.  You will need to mix the proper amount of concrete and place it in the hole and then add the pole to the hole and concrete.  Brace the poles in a level vertical position and let the concrete set for a few days.  Once the concrete is set you will need to make sure that all poles are the same height.  They will be off since each hole will be of different exact depths so the poles will not be at the same height.  However, you can cut them to the same height either now or later in the building process as I have seen it done either way.

Pole Shed Ideas – Roof and Walls

Building The Roof

The poles are now set and level so it is time to start building the roof.  The first thing to do is put on the roof support beams.  These beams will attach one pole to the other and make a rectangular looking structure.  They also determine the height of your shed as the trusses will be attached to these beams.  How these beams attach to the poles will depend on your shed plans.  Some plans will have the boards fit into notches cut in your poles while others have them attached with metal plates.

Once the support beams are in place then you will need to build the trusses for your roof.  Most pole shed roofs are a basic triangle shaped roof so your plans should have the right pitch and measurements to build your trusses.  Make sure the trusses are in place and secure.  If needed, add some extra boards for support making sure the roofing structure is solid.  If you haven’t cut the poles to the same height then now is the time.Pole Shed Ideas

Building The Walls

The roof structure is in place and now you need to add some 2×4’s to attach one pole to the other.  These boards will be perpendicular to the poles.  This will build the framing structure you need so you can later add plywood for walls.  The 2×4’s closer to the ground should be pressure treated lumber so they are more resistant to the elements.

Pole Shed Ideas – Roofing Material and Siding

Roofing Material

The roofing material you want for your shed will depend on the style and budget of your shed.  There are many options including asphalt shingles, metal roofing, etc…  Check my previous post on roofing materials to help you decide.  You will also need to decide on shed guttering as you do not want a water issue later.


With the walls built you will either want to paint the boards or put some siding on the shed.  This will depend again on your budget and the look of your shed.  There are many options to siding including vinyl, concrete, wood, etc…  See the differences between siding choices at my previous post on siding ideas.

Pole Shed Ideas – Conclusion

Here is a video that shows a pole shed being built as a garage for tractor storage.

The pole shed is a great versatile shed that can be built at a reduced cost because there is no foundation or flooring.  However, if you are going to have equipment in the shed then you may want to think of a gravel foundation, but it is not required.  As you can tell building the pole shed is a more simple process than other sheds but it depends on your shed plans.

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Gable Style Shed

gable style shedThere are many options for building the right shed but the gable style shed is one of the most common designs built.  It is a perfect shed that combines style with usability.  The gable style shed is an easy build and can be built with many different extras.  This type of shed can be used as an office, storage or even a kids playhouse.

Gable Style Shed – Design

gable style shed with windowsThis shed design is a typical square to rectangular type shed.  The gable refers to the angled pitch roof that is attached to the shed.  It can be built on any shed foundation you decide so check shed foundation options.  Most gable sheds have windows and you can even build window flower boxes to spruce it up.  The door is a typical framed door and not a roll up door or double door.  Before you start make sure whether or not you need a building permit.

Gable Style Shed – Build

Location and Foundation

Start with the location of your shed.  Find the right location and then decide on the foundation.  If it is a concrete pier, then you can level the shed via the concrete block.  However, if it is a gravel or poured concrete foundation, then you will need to level the land and then make the foundation level.

gable style shed frame

Floor, Walls and Roofing

You will then build the floor depending on your shed plans and foundation.  Walls will go up next and make sure you frame the windows if your plan calls for windows.  The shed door will typically be a regular locked door to make it secure.  The roof will be the gable style shed roof and can be covered with many roofing materials.  If you want to make the shed look like your home then you may want shingles.  However, there are other options for shed roofing materials.  You may want a ramp going to your entrance but most likely you will want some nice steps.

Gable Style Shed – Conclusion

The gable style shed is a great shed for any location or home.  It can be customized to be an office, playhouse or a typical shed for storage.  It is a versatile shed and an easy to build shed.  The gable shed can be built to look like your home with the same roofing materials and siding as needed.  Find the right shed plan and get started today.

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The Storage Shed Outdoor

Build a storage shed outdoor and take control of you clutter.  Everyone has clutter lying around their home that at one time they couldn’t wait to purchase.  However, now the stuff just accumulates and takes up much-needed space in your home.  Sure, you move it to the garage but then it clutters up the garage.  You need a place to put all of this clutter.  You can look at a rental storage shed, but then your stuff is so far away with limited access to your belongings.  We all know you are not going to jump in the car every time you want something from storage.  So, the next obvious step is to build a storage shed on your property.

storage shed outdoor large

I mention storage shed and not lawn or garden shed because a storage shed is primarily for storage of your belongings.  You don’t need windows and elaborate doors, but you should have secure locks and doors to keep everything safe.  You need to make it look like your house so the look of the shed matches the other structures in your yard, but it is a basic storage shed.

Storage Shed Outdoor – Planning…

Before anything else, and to avoid headaches, it’s essential that you have a plan first. Keep in mind what you need to do and follow your plan closely.  Check with your zoning laws to make sure you do or do not need a permit.  This will help you save on costs, headaches and time as well.

Storage Shed Outdoor – Foundation…

The foundation can be very minimal so it reduces the cost of your shed.  You are not going to store equipment or lawnmowers or cars so your shed foundation can be a wood pier or concrete block foundation ultimately limiting cost and making the building process easier.  A concrete or gravel foundation is only needed if you are storing heavy equipment.

storage shed outdoor small

Storage Shed Outdoor – Walls and Roof…

The walls are very basic because it is for storage and safe keeping of your belongings.  Therefore, no elaborate windows and doors.  The wood should be good quality so when you pick your wood, make sure you inspect it for quality.  The roof can be of any design and there are many designs for a roof but my recommendation is to keep it basic.  This will limit cost and keep it in line with the look of your home because you can use asphalt shingle roofing material.  These shingles are inexpensive and easy to do, but there are other options for shed roofing.

Storage Shed Outdoor – Door…

The most important part of your shed is the door.  That is the only barrier to access your belongings so it should be secure.  There are many options for doors and you can check out options on my previous post, shed doors, but the only rule is to make it secure.  You can put as pretty a door as you want but make it secure.

Storage Shed Outdoor – Construction Video…

As you can see in the video this is a basic storage shed with an easy foundation and walls with no windows.  The roof and door are very simple and you can make the door as secure as you like with a good lock.

Storage Shed Outdoor – Conclusion…

This is a basic outline and idea guide for building your storage shed.  Take control of your clutter and space.  Find the right plans and put together a project timeline so you stay on track.  Check your zoning laws and start building a secure storage shed today.

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Building A Garden Shed

Essential Reminders on Building a Garden Shed

Homeowners arrive at a decision for building a garden shed for a number of reasons. However, one main reason is to store their gardening equipment and outdoor essentials.  This type of shed if done right can also have an area to store household belongings that are taking up much-needed garage and attic space.  The garden shed is one of the most effective, and affordable ways of keeping your belongings well protected and stored properly outside of the home.

To make this project work, and by that I mean make it serve its purpose and also make your shed look complimentary to your existing home and other structures, there are some essential factors that you need to keep in mind with building a garden shed.

Building A Garden Shed Preparation…

Most importantly, before doing any projects such as a garden shed, it is best to first check with your local planning and zoning office. Some areas require that you first have to secure a permit before adding any structure to a home.

Most people want their garden shed to look lbuilding a garden shed plansike the original plans of their home.  The design should have a similar finish to your home in regards to the roof and wall structure.  This will allow a continuous flow of structures on your property.  The planning stage is very crucial and you should explore all your options so that you will be able to work without any glitches later on.

Building A Garden Shed Foundation…

Another factor that should gain much attention is the foundation of building a garden shed foundationyour shed.  If you are going to store heavy equipment then you most likely will need a concrete or gravel foundation as they can withstand heavier loads.  However, if you are storing minor lawn equipment then you could get by with a concrete block and pier foundation.   Make sure the foundation is level and you may need a ramp to drive your equipment into the garden shed.  Check out various options for a foundation.

Building A Garden Shed Roof…

building a garden shed roofAnother issue to consider is the roof.  You should look at many plans to find the style of roof that accommodates your shed and adds to the flow of your structures.  You will need to think of the roofing materials for the roof such as asphalt shingles, metal roof, rubber roof or cedar tiles.  Check out my article on roofing materials.

Building A Garden Shed Conclusion…

In conclusion, make sure you follow the steps above to build the right garden shed for your home.  Check the zoning laws and find the right plans before you start, so you can save a lot of headaches later on.  The biggest problem we see with shed building is people not planning properly.  Find the right plans and get started today.

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Pallet Shed Ideas

Learn pallet shed ideas as to build the new affordable shed that people want to build.  Is it worth the time and effort?

There’s no doubt about it, money is always an issue. So no matter pallet shed ideas 1how much you want to get your own storage shed, if you don’t have the money you just may not get the shed.  However, if you have the creativity, then having your own shed in your backyard doesn’t have to remain a dream.  How, you might ask?  By recycling old wooden pallets.  Some would immediately think that pallets would be an eyesore, but if done properly they can result in a beautiful cost effective shed.

Pallet Shed Ideas- Wood Sources…

Making a beautiful and effective wooden pallet shed can be the answer to your storage needs.  Pallets are widely available and you can get them for free if you know where to ask.  Most commercial buildings, groceries, and supermarkets would just have them lying around.   However, some of these pallets may not have the highest of quality wood but you can still grab the right boards to be sure that your pallet shed is done right.pallet shed ideas 2

Other sources for free or cheap wood pallets are from your neighbors if they have done remodeling work. Many of them would be happy to give you their pallets so they don’t have to get rid of them.   Mills and lumberyards are also great sources for wooden pallets. Check the classifieds and online places like Craigslist as many people are just too happy to get rid of the pallets.  You just need a way to haul them to your house.

Pallet Shed Ideas- The Plans…

Once you have enough pallets you now have to get your hands dirty. But first things first, you would most definitely need to have a good detailed set of plans available for you. Not all plans are specifically written for pallet sheds, but the right plan can be tweaked to make it work most of the time.  You just have to look at many plans and find the right one that could work for you.

Wood is not the only material you will need. So you will have to spend some money on the other aspects of the shed- nails, hinges, doors, windows, etc…  However, you did save money on the wood if you were lucky enough to get it for free.

Pallet Shed Ideas – Conclusion…

So there you have it, the most affordable and easy way to get storage space with free pallet wood. This project can be typically done over a weekend or two.  Take your time and do it right with the right set of plans.  Your wooden pallet shade may look as if a professional did it. Remember, your only limit is your imagination.

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Firewood Shed Designs

All firewood shed designs have similar pearls for building the firewood shed right.

Firewood Shed Designs – The Costs…

Firewood comes with a cost whether you bought it or chopped it yourself.  You either shelled out your hard earned money or you spent a lot of time and energy chopping wood. So if your firewood becomes filled with moisture, then all your money and efforts will just go down the drain.  Wet firewood will not burn properly and if you live in an area with a lot of rain and snowfall, then it is impossible to keep firewood dry.  Building a firewood shed is the key to this problem and you can be sure of having dry firewood every time you need it.

Firewood Shed designs 1

Firewood Shed Designs- The Location…

The location of your firewood shed is one of the most important decisions you can make, therefore it should be away from water but near your home.  You certainly wouldn’t want to walk a long distance to get some firewood when it’s raining or heavy snowfall.  Firewood Shed designs 2

Firewood Shed Designs- The Plans…

Most firewood sheds are built with only three sides. Only three walls are provided and the fourth side is left open. This is necessary for access and airflow which in turn allows the firewood to dry properly.  However, with an open side, it could allow rain and snow to be blown inside by the wind.  Therefore the open side should not face the direction of the wind.

Firewood Shed Designs- Roof and Floor…

With regards to the roof of your firewood shed, you should make sure it has a high steep and slanted roof. The snow and rain will easily slide off and not get inside to the firewood. This goes the same for the foundation, making it higher from the ground and providing a slant to slide snow and water away from the firewood.  Also, try to build a raised floor so that moisture from the ground won’t seep inside the shed.

To further prevent moisture from seeping into your firewood,  put a layer of plastic on the floor for barrier protection.  You should stack your firewood on off-cut lumbers to provide air flow underneath the wood for drying and it will also keep moisture away.

Firewood Shed designs 3

Firewood Shed Designs- Finally…

Most firewood sheds are easy to make and don’t typically cost as much as the typical storage shed. With just a couple of boards and nails, you can be assured that you will have dry firewood ready to build a roaring fire.  Always remember that in starting any project, having plans is the best way to ensure that you will have a worry-free time when you are in the actual process of building. So get your hands on a good firewood shed plan first.

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Garden Shed Designs and Plans

Your garden will never be complete until you find the right garden shed designs and plans. Planting your favorite flowering or ornament plants is not as easy as freeing a turtle to the sea where it will survive in its own.  It not only takes time and commitment but you need pots, tools and equipment and of course a place to put those things.  That is why a garden shed is a basic need.  It will free up garage space for your cars.   Gardening is more than just a hobby as it offers a great results for your commitment.  Ensuring garden success can be easy with the addition of a garden shed.

garden shed designs and plans


Garden Shed Designs and Plans- Who Can Benefit

It is given that a garden shed is for those who have a real heart for gardening but, aside from that, who else will be benefited?

* Sports lovers. Generally, a garden shed is used in organizing or storing garden tools, equipment or accessories but aside from that, sports lovers will be highly benefited. If you are one of those who is an avid fan of different sports, you can freely organize all of your sports equipment for biking, basketball, skiing, golf, fishing and any other. By doing so, you will be able to prevent any damages on your hobby or sports equipment which will help you prolongs its usage.

* Office Workers. There might times that you have to bring your office works at home or you are working at home without enough space good thing, you can convert your garden shed into a private room where you are able to place your computer and phone lines.  Before turning your garden shed into a home office, you need to consider some factors like convenience and comfort. You have to ensure that you get enough space and accessible power supply. After that, you can enjoy your private room and continue your productivity.

* Artists. If you are an artist and you do not want your home to look messy, turning your garden shed into a workshop room or art studio is a perfect idea for you try. By doing this, it will help you a lot in reducing the dirt, dust, paper clutters, and twigs from building furniture or any other scrap materials while you are at work.

Garden Shed Designs and Plans- Versatility

Truly, a basic garden shed offers a versatile use as well as it will introduce you into a more flexible purpose. By thinking of a more functional role of your garden shed, it will help you save money in searching for an alternative solution for additional room. You can customize the shed with windows and different types of doors to make it all your own.  You don’t even need to use it for gardening as the other uses noted above are a good reason to get a basic room for space.  Also, it will help you with more space for your important stuff at home.

A garden shed also comes in a variety of sizes and designs for you to choose from. The wide selection of garden sheds will help you choose the perfect one that will suit your needs and requirements. You may choose from metal, plastic and wooden garden sheds with the standard sizes of 4×3, 5×3, 5×4, 6×3, 6×4, 7×5, 7×7 and much more.



Get Your Garden Shed Plans Here

The Potting Shed Greenhouse

Considered to be the heart of your garden, your potting shed greenhouse is creatively designed to store your garden tools and accomplish most of your gardening tasks. From the name it implies that it is the primary area and purpose to repot plants.  Repotting can be a tough task to do and is a messy activity, therefore, it will be nice for you to have a specific area to accomplish this task.  Furthermore, your potting shed is a perfect place for starting young plants in case you have cold sensitive and tender plants.

potting shed greenhouseBut a potting shed does not only limit you in storing your garden tools, re-potting or growing young plants it is also ideal, if big enough, for storage of other equipment like sports, lawn and small building equipment depending on the size of the shed. You may assemble the shed from scratch or kits making it easy to install, which are quite ideal for any size of the garden.

The Potting Shed Greenhouse- The Work Area…

Today, many of the gardeners are investing in making their sheds a pleasant area to work, creating a nice place to work regardless of the weather condition. If the space is good then you may include your garden or repair tools and may also have the ability to work on other projects.  So, your shed is really an addition and workplace for you to work on gardening tasks and store tools and equipment practically.

The Potting Shed Greenhouse- Walls…

Depending on your needs you may decide with either wood or glass walls.  Wood will be a perfect material for your walls as it will offer you great durability and can withstand any weather condition. Glass walls will give you a neat and elegant look for a potting shed. Though it will increase your cost and may be difficult to clean once dirty.  However, if you wan a nice elegant look, then it might just be right for you.

The Potting Shed Greenhouse – Guidelines…

So, to help you decide what size of shed and type of construction, read the following guidelines:

6×4. this size of the shed will provide you an ideal size since it will suit any size of the garden where it offers you an amazing amount of space for storage while giving you a reasonable pricing.
7×5. This potting size shed offers you a versatile amount of space for storing garden tools, house cleaning equipment and any other tools that will fit.
7×7.You may do your DIY projects like assembling your bikes, etc… as this potting shed is a little bigger.
8×6.This size of great for storing your bikes, garden furniture, lawn mowers and barbecue furniture, but then you may want to get a basic garden shed instead of the smaller potting shed.
10×8 and 12×8 may be too big for a smaller potting shed so consider the bigger basic garden shed.

The Potting Shed Greenhouse – Conclusion

So now, you already have the idea for the different sizes of the shed. The best size for you to pick will depend on the equipment and tools you are going to store and to the type of task you are going to work on. So, before you construct a potting shed, you have to determine first its purpose to you.


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The Home Gazebo

One of the best spots where you can experience tranquility and joy is at the home gazebo. As it is surrounded by beautiful and fascinating flowers, breathtaking trees and a hard to forget landscapes you will want one for your own home.  It perfectly creates an overwhelming touch to a garden as well as to a landscape design.

Certainly, everyone will love to see and stay at a gazebo. Each time that you wanted to free yourself from the busy life of the city, going to a garden with a mesmerizing gazebo will help you relieve all the stress you feehome gazebol. You can never go wrong in visiting a place that will uplift your spirit and provide you a significant spot to unwind.

But, it will be best for you to enjoy the scenery with your family and friends. There will be no other great happiness when you share your smiles and time with your loved ones. And, if you are planning to have you own gazebo in your area, discovering the different types will help you choose the best one for you that will fit your mood, taste, and budget.

Types of Home Gazebo:

*Metal home gazebo. This is perfect for public entertainment, public parks and nay another area that offers public viewing such as golf courses or outdoor concerts. Because of its overall strength, it will quite hard to vandalize to its surface making it an ideal type of the public place. Moreover, it comes with different sizes and styles which include the rails, finales, covered gazebos, decorative roofing and panel designs.
Cedar home gazebo. This is generally the type of gazebo that offers you the best style and looks for backyards. This is eve easier to install or personalize compared to the other types of the gazebo. Also, it considered being insect and decay resistant, therefore, it can last for a long time. Lastly, it offers you durability where it can handle heavy winds and snows.
*Vinyl home gazebo. It provides you a plastic look yet it is maintenance free which will help save time keeping it clean. But, this will not provide you an entertainment space and visual appeal.

Ideally, gazebos are perfect for any type people as long as they want to feel peace and joy. So, the next things for you to discover is the valuable uses of it.

Home Gazebo Uses…

Part of wedding venue. If you are going to attend a garden wedding surely, one of the first things that you might look for is the gazebo. They are really one of the anticipated things in a wedding venue. This will give the couple a memorable wedding day because of its tranquil and amazing look.

Spot for dinners. So, why not bring your family at the gazebo and enjoy your sumptuous dinner. Away from the usual dinner with your whole family surely, you will have a different and memorable bonding moments.

Area for family gatherings. Aside from you can enjoy watching the sunset also, during you family get together, you can take beautiful photos in the gazebo. So it is really created for you and your family’s extra place for relaxation and bonding.



Find Your Gazebo Plans Here

Lean To Shed Ideas

So for a long time, you have been looking for lean to shed ideas where you are able to store most of your garden and sports equipment, compalean to shed ideasct outdoor furniture and any other supplies and tools. Well, the perfect solution for you is to have a lean to shed. This type of shed will introduce you to more functional purposes. From the name itself, lean to shed is a structure that leans against your garage or house for an additional support where it provides you a water-safe surface in protecting your equipment or supply from any elements that will cause damages. So, aside from it will help you organize your important stuff, it will also help you maintain their best condition and are away from any scratches or damages.

Since a lean to shed is creatively designed to abut into another structure, you have to see to it that the foundation has to be pressure-treated slide, the roof needs to be in one direction as well as the back wall must be composed of ½ inch CDX plywood which will stay durable even with moisture indirect exposure.

Lean To Shed Ideas – Benefits…

*Quicker access to tools. If you wanted to have a better access to your gardening tools, it will always be perfect for you construct a lean-to shed. You will need a lot of tools in ensuring that your plants will be provided with maximum care for them to grow beautiful and healthy so, it is important for you to ensure that you have a remote access to your needs equipment or tool. Also, it will help you save time and effort from getting the stuff you need.

*Free Space for the garage. Now, you do not have to use your garage as your storage area for your different equipment or tools for you have now a lean to shed. Through this, you will be able to free your garage from a messy look. Moreover, if you are going to store some of your tools or equipment, it can cause danger to your family. To avoid this, storing all your stuff in lean to shed is a perfect solution plus, you will be able to maintain cleanliness in your area.

*Well-organized equipment and tools. Ideally, if you have a small free space at home, it will be better for you to construct a lean-to shed in order for you to have an efficient space for your various equipment or tools. You may organize them according to use or category in order for you to have an easy access.

Lean To Shed Ideas- Conclusion

An interesting fact about lean to shed ideas is that there is no limit to the people who can be benefit from its use. Gardeners will not be the only ones enjoying the benefits of lean to shed, but it is also useful for people into sports, arts and many other hobbies that would require storage.   There are many different styles to choose from and many different sizes like 6×6, 6×8, 6×10, 6×12, 8×8, 8×10, 8×12, 8×16 and so on.



Find Your Lean To Shed Plans Here