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To Build A Shed Or Not?

To Build A Shed or Not to Build A Shed?  That is the Question

The need to have a shed cannot be stressed enough. Many households today are being overwhelmed with their belongings taking up too much space.   It is difficult to decide what to throw away, donate, or sell. If you decide to keep some of those belongings, then where do you store them?  Typically in the attic or to the garage in most cases, which still causes clutter.

To Build A Shed…

lean to shed
Build A Shed – Lean To Shed

The sure fire way of clearing up space is to build a shed, for your tools, your garden equipment or your mementos. Whether you decide to buy or build a shed is by  far the most important question.  If you do decide to build it yourself, then kudos to you because building a shed is one of the simplest tasks in basic carpentry.

If you have a great command using tools and have a free weekend or two to work on measuring, hammering, cutting, drilling and sawing, then all you need are the proper materials, tools and building plans.  The beauty of creating your own shed from scratch is that you will be able to customize your design and allow it to directly cater to all your storage needs. Not only will you have a functional structure on your property but you will also have a source for great pride and joy.

Not To Build A Shed…

On the flip side, if you have never even built a stool from scratch or even a simple paper weight, then a shed could be difficult.  This case though is not hopeless. If you have the extra money, then by all means buy yourself a shed.  There are many options out there and you can find some ideas on my previous post, The Lawn Shed

There are many great options for buying including materials such as plastic, metal, fabric and others.  However, some of these plans are not very sturdy and you could possibly waste some money on something that collapses in the first storm.  Check the sturdiness of the shed before you buy so you do not waste time and money.


But because you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that you plan to build a shed yourself. To make sure that you don’t build an eyesore or a hazard in your own yard, you then need to know that as a beginner you will need a good set of detailed and comprehensive plans.

The best thing about purchasing or downloading a set of shed plans is that, there are so many design options already available today. You will need to do some research on which plan fits the design of your house and meets your needs for storage.  Two options are to buy a kit that has the plans and all the materials included or to buy a set of plans that has a complete materials list and then go out and buy everything on the list and follow the plan.

The Plans…

shed plan
Build A Shed Plan

I prefer to get the plan, buy the materials and then follow the plan.  I have put together kits before and some will lack material or a part breaks.  Then you need to go back to the company that sold it to you to get what you need which delays the process.  With a good set of plans you can buy the material and if something happens you just go back to the store and buy the right board or nail that you need.

Whichever you choose, you can be assured that you will have a great time building your shed and also have the self satisfaction that knowing that that shed was created by you.


Shed Reasons?

There are many reasons to have a shed for your home.   Whether you buy or build the home of your dreams there will always be one area of your life that you desperately need and that is more space.  There are multiple reasons you need more space and of course your reasons are yours but here is a list of a few.shed picture

A Few Reasons For A Shed:

New Hobby:  You get a new hobby and before you know it you are busting out at the seems with no room for your new stuff.  So adding a little extra room to the garage by building a shed and moving the lawn equipment in there will free up a lot of space for your new hobby.

Gardening:  Maybe you are taking up gardening or already have an existing garden and you do not want to have to carry everything out to the garden just to bring it back to the garage, so place a shed near the garden and you have everything right at your finger tips.

Man Cave: Or maybe you want a man cave away from the house so it doesn’t bother the family and give you a place to have the guys over for a night of football, drinks, etc…

Tools: Your garage can only hold so much and if you are a person with many tools and not much room to store them or for that matter use them in one specific area over and over then you may need a nice shed for the tools and one that is big enough for workspace.

Kids: If you have kids and then they may want a playhouse, so many shed ideas are big enough to make a nice playhouse for the kids and also to store their outdoor toys.

Shed Reasons? – Your Plan…

Once you decide on “your reason” for a shed or structure then you need to figure out if you are handy enough to build the structure.  Or  do you have someone else build it for you.  Whatever your decision there are a few things to consider.  Cost and time are the two factors to think about.  If you are a person that has the resources and need something quick then you should buy a shed.

Shed Reasons? – Should You Build..

However, if you have at least some limited skills on building things and repairing things then you should build your own shed.  I know it sounds tough but it really isn’t if you have the right plans and tools for the job.  There are many professional plans on the market that you will pay top dollar for but there are also many easy to read and follow plans.  Kind of like paint by number, but with boards and nails.

If you are serious about getting a shed for your home, then check out all of the different options.  Make a decision for buying what you want, having someone build your shed or just taking a weekend and doing it yourself.  You will be amazed and what an addition they can make to your lifestyle and home.

For what it’s worth,