Beginners Woodworking Guide

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Most beginners are overwhelmed by the vast information needed to create stunning woodworking pieces. If you’re one of them, then I’m coming to your rescue with my new book. ” The Beginners Woodworking Guide”.  I have researched the leading websites and expert information and compiled it all in this book!

This is a great beginners woodworking book to get you started on the right track and as a BONUS I give you FIVE FREE PLANS.   Let me help you start making wonderful woodworking projects today.

Here is what you’ll get with The Beginners Woodworking Guide”?

  • Woodworking safety

  • How to setup your woodworking space

  • Learn the language of woodworking

  • How to avoid common woodworking mistakes

  • Save time and money by knowing what wood to look for

  • Be able to talk woodworking with your friends and know what you’re saying!

  • Avoid frustration by knowing what to do before you start a new project!

Learn How To Build:

Magazine Rack

Storage Chest

Woodworking Bench


Shelving Units

The Beginners Woodworking Guide

The Beginners Woodworking Guide

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Think of the satisfaction you’ll feel by showing your friends the woodworking projects you made!

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The Beginners Woodworking Guide