How To Build A Shed Ramp

how to build a shed rampYou built your shed and now you need easier access so learn how to build a shed ramp.  A ramp for a shed is different than a handicap ramp for a house because the handicap ramp has a different slope by code.  However, a shed ramp can be at many different angles but you do not want to build it too steep.  If you need the ramp for walking into the shed or for driving a vehicle into the shed makes a difference on the build of your ramp.

How To Build A Shed Ramp – Slope

The first part of building the ramp is getting the slope correctly so you can prepare the plan and get the materials.  Once you get the slope then you need to make sure the ground is level.

How To Build A Shed Ramp – Foundation

Decide if you want to have a gravel or concrete foundation for the ramp.  You may want to just have the ramp lay on the ground and that is fine for most ramps but be careful if you are driving heavy equipment on the ramp.  Heavy equipment can prevent the ramp from being level and drive the edges further into the ground if not on a secure foundation.

How To Build A Shed Ramp – To Attach Or Not?

Now that you have the slope and the foundation done you can start the building process.  This is relatively simple but you first have to decide how you want your ramp attached to your shed.  You can actually have it attached to the door opening or you can build the shed and place it at the opening and not attach it all.  Which way you decide depends on the purpose of your ramp.  If it is for a walking slope then you can get by with placing it at the doorway.  However, if you are driving equipment on the ramp then attach it to the building.

How To Build A Shed Ramp – Put It Together

Cut your frame with the right angles from the slope calculations above.  Make sure the framing is not too far apart or the boards on top may sag over time so 12-16″ framing is appropriate.  Once the framing is in place attach the top boards.  You may also want to attach a no slip cover on the ramp for safety and if you are driving heavy equipment it will help with the tire grip.

How To Build A Shed Ramp – Conclusion

Now that you found a great set of shed plans and you built your shed you need to build the ramp.  Keep the above tips in mind as you build your ramp.  Get the slope, level the ground, and figure out your foundation.  Then build your ramp with either attaching it to the shed or not.  Don’t make it too difficult.

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Shed Siding Ideas

Your shed frame is built and now here are some shed siding ideas to help you get your shed covered and finished.  There are many options for shed siding so choosing the right one is of importance.  If you built your shed, then putting on siding will be pretty simple. There are many options that range from the cheap economical look to a more elaborate and expensive look.  This depends on your budget and your needs.  Read through the shed siding ideas and find out what you think is best for you.

Shed Siding Ideas – Vinyl Siding

Shed siding ideas vinyl There are many options with vinyl siding as it comes in multiple colors.  Therefore, you can match the shed siding to the color of your home.  This is especially true if your home has siding.  If your home is brick then  you can find a vinyl siding color that compliments your home.  Some drawbacks with vinyl siding is that you cannot paint it if there are blemishes that occur.  If it breaks, then you have to repair the siding but that doesn’t happen very often.  Some positives are that you can clean it easily with a pressure washer.

Shed Siding Ideas – Composite Siding

shed siding ideas compositeComposite siding is siding that is a mix of vinyl siding and wood siding.  Some also refer to it as engineered siding.  The advantages to this siding is that it is inexpensive as compared to wood siding.  There is less occurrence of fungal accumulation since it is treated with anti-fungals.  It comes in many different looks and because it is engineered the natural knots of wood are removed.  Further, most are warranted for many years.  Typical names are LP SmartSide, Catawba, Truwood.

Shed Siding Ideas – Wooden Siding

shed siding ideas naturalNow you are looking at the most natural look for your shed.  You built your shed from wood now you can cover it with wood.  Installing is not much different then the other sidings,  but there are different options to your wood finish.

If you are looking for a natural finish, then choose boards like oak and cedar which has some natural resistance to the elements.  However, it can be costly.

On the flip side you can paint the wood siding, but then you have more maintenance.  As the paint will chip and erode away and then you will need to scrape and repaint.

Think long and hard about the wood siding because it can get costly and with lots of maintenance.

Shed Siding Ideas – Metal Siding

shed siding ideas metalThere are basically two options with metal siding.  First, there is aluminum siding which can dent easily.  However, it is resistant to corrosion.  Second, you have steel siding which has more corrosion but this can be reduced by buying galvanized steel, which is a paint coating that protects from corrosion.

Shed Siding Ideas – Cement Siding

shed siding ideas cementCement siding is made from cement, sand and cellulose fibers and is a very durable siding.  It installs similar to the wood siding and has the advantages of being more durable and resistant to water, fire and insects.  However, it is a little brittle so it can crack upon impact.  Also, there are special tools to cutting the boards and the create a lot of dust when cutting.  The most common name in cement siding is HardiePlank siding.

 Shed Siding Ideas – Conclusion

As you can tell there are many options and ideas to shed siding.  As you build your shed keep in mind the siding options for the look of your shed.  Also, keep in mind the siding options for your budget and ease of install.  Once installed make sure to keep a look out for shed mold as that can ruin the look of your shed.  If you haven’t built your shed yet, then find the right shed plan and get started today.

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Shed Mold & Mildew

So you built the perfect shed and now it has been taken over by shed mold & mildew.  This is a real possibility as shed mold happens all the time and can ruin your shed.  You can take certain steps to prevent the mold.  Some of these steps are done in the building process, so make sure you understand what can be done.  Once you have the mold you will need to find out how to get rid of it and prevent it from coming back.

Shed Mold & Mildew – Building Process Prevention

Apply caulk to outside of shed.  That’s right, caulk the outside seams around windows, doors, trim and vents.  Don’t caulk the interior as it is not a good enough seal and can still be penetrated by water.

Install vents in your shed.  You can install ridge, gable or soffit vents which allows better air flow.  This air flow will prevent stagnation and then increased humidity.  This humidity increase will allow the mold to grow.  So proper air ventilation is a must.

Shed Mold & Mildew – How do I get rid of this stuff?

There are many home recipes on the internet.  However, bleach always come to mind with getting rid of mold.  You can dilute 1/2 -1 cup of bleach for every gallon of water. How much bleach really depends on your mold growth (and your tolerance).  You will need to scrub the area with the solution and make sure to rinse it good and let it dry.  If you do this take safety precautions with ventilation as bleach can be harsh.

shed mold & mildew wet and forgetFor outside mold, I have personally used wet&forget and can say that it works amazingly well.  All you do is dilute it and spray it on the outside area and then the natural rain will wash it away with the mold.  It does take a little time to get results and you may need to re-apply it until the mold is completely gone.  However,  it works and saves you the scrubbing.  Check out more options on Amazon to find the right product.

Shed Mold & Mildew – Now it’s gone, how do I prevent it?

Dehumidifier.  A good dehumidifier will be a must if you have a shed that is constantly under attack with humidity and subsequently mold.

Exhaust fans. These help with air circulation.  Putting it in while building the shed is perfect, but if you did not do that, then there are other options.  The easiest option is a window fan.  Just place it in the window and turn it to exhaust.  It will get air moving and help keep it dry.  Exhaust fans are easy to find.

Moisture absorbents.  There are many options on the market when it comes to moisture absorbents.  Basically they are canisters of absorbents you put out in the shed and they draw in the moisture.  Damp Rid is one that many people use and it does a good job. However, you can also use kitty litter as that has worked for some.

Shed Mold & Mildew – Conclusion

Be aware of mold whether you are in the process of planning for a shed or you already have a shed built.  If you are in the planning stages, then make sure you build the proper prevention in your shed from the beginning.  It is easy and quick and better to prevent.  However, if you have mold, then clean it up and then do the prevention ideas outlined above.  Do all you can to prevent the mold so you can enjoy your shed for years to come.

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Shed Guttering

As you prepare to build your shed don’t forget about shed guttering.  Once you get a great shed plan you will then need a gutter, or you will have a big wet mess around the shed.  Prevent the possibility of wood rot or foundation erosion by installing shed guttering.  Not sure how to do this?  Read more…

Shed Guttering – Why

You spent all this time finding the right plan and getting the lumber and now you are going to build your shed.  However, you need to think about what you are going to do about rainwater runoff.  The water that can accumulate around your shed can be massive.  Therefore, you need a strategy to handle this water.  Also, with guttering you can get creative to catching the rain water so you can reuse it for your garden or plants.  Further, by having a gutter system you can protect your shed foundation from erosion by moving the water away from the shed.

Shed Guttering – Options

You can install basic guttering if you are building your own shed.  The installation is simple and can be done yourself.  However, to make it easy get somebody to help you.  The options are outlined below with videos but include aluminum gutters, add on systems and a unique Hall’s Rainsaver system.

Install Aluminum Gutters


Install Add On Guttering.


shed guttering bracketsThere are also add on guttering systems with plastic or metal brackets that are installed and then plastic gutters are snapped into place.   Pretty easy install as you can see from the video.

Hall’s Rainsaver Guttering.

Hall's shed Guttering System

Shed guttering halls rainsaver bracket

Finally, there is a Hall’s Rainsaver kit that attaches to the shed roof by a bracket and then the guttering is attached to the bracket. It is a gutter system that can be installed quickly and will save the rainwater for use in your garden or plants.  However, the simplicity is the ability to install this system quickly with it’s “Rainsaver Bracket”.  As you can see from the pictures it can quickly install on the shed roof and then the guttering attaches to this bracket.  Then you can direct the water to just about anywhere you want.

Shed Guttering – Conclusion

Don’t be fooled thinking you do not need shed guttering.  Save yourself the future headache of a ruined shed foundation or sloppy watery mess next to your shed.  This can lead to wood rot if the area stays wet enough.  Find the guttering system that looks good with your shed plan and explore the options that fit.  Get the right shed plans and build the shed you need for your home.

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Organizing Your Shed

Organizing your shed is different for everyone as it depends on the purpose of your shed.  Storage sheds accumulate lots of our stuff but it should not be so cluttered that you cannot find anything.  You built the shed to take control of your house clutter and now you run the risk of making your shed cluttered.

Organizing Your Shed – The Benefits…

organizing your shedOnce you start organizing your shed and home, you’ll see how great and real the benefits are:

-Reduces stress by having order and discipline.

-Gives you more space by keeping clutter out for good.

-Simplifies the way you live at home by creating useful systems that work for you personally.

Quite simply, when you finally start to make the simple changes of organization, it all adds up to give you more room to breathe so you can enjoy your family and friends more.

Organizing Your Shed – The Problem…

organizing your shed frustrated lookBeing organized isn’t a matter of being rich or poor, young or old. We were never taught organization in school but we were told to multi-task.  Multi-tasking pulls us in many different directions and adds to a cluttered mind and home.  Some people say they are just born that way, but you can change your mindset and control your clutter.  Don’t just throw everything in your storage shed or you will have a bigger problem.

Organizing Your Shed – The Solution…

Tackle House Clutter First

organizing your shed clutterThis is essential as you most likely built the shed to get rid of the house clutter.  If you do not take control of the house mess then it will continue to grow.  Once it grows, you will then start moving more stuff into the storage shed and it continues to grow.  You can see where this is leading?  Therefore, take control of your house clutter and you will cut off the transition of cluttering your storage shed.

Take Control Of Your Mindset

organizing your shed idea The funny thing is I don’t think I was raised to be organized but I always found it kind of easy.  However, not everyone has that ability to stay organized.  But if you can change your mindset then you will change the  outcome.  There are lots of strategies to this out there and here is a video with some neat ideas.

Shelves Help.

Once you start accumulating stuff in the storage shed you need to organize it into sections.  Shelving will help with this organization as it allows you to group things in categories.  There are many types of shelving systems so you need to find what will work for you.  However, don’t just keep everything in the group forever.  Constantly look at what is in the group and get rid of things that do not have a purpose.  If you are not going to use something in a year or two, then make a decision as to keep it or not.  I understand the kids’ keepsakes you will want to keep forever.  But remember to pass them along to the kids when they get older.  Don’t be the storage vault forever.

Organizing Your Shed – Start Today…

Being organized isn’t as hard as you think, but it will take some work.  Find some strategies to organize your life and home and it will help you with organizing your shed.  You won’t keep throwing stuff in the shed and everything that is in the shed will have a purpose.  Check out Organizing 101 to help you with organizing, it helped me.

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Shed Wall Framing

After your foundation is done you need to do your shed wall framing.  There are many options for the walls.  Therefore, what you will need depends on the shed plan and if the plan includes windows.  It also depends on the shed purpose.  Get your walls done correctly by understanding the purpose and plan of the shed.  Make sure you have correct plans to get this right.

Shed Wall Framing – Options…

Options for your walls are plenty but it really depends on the purpose of the shed.  For example,  Shed wall framing no windowsA lean to shed or storage shed will have walls without windows.  This is because those sheds are used for security and storage.  shed wall framing with windowsHowever,  a garden shed or potting shed will have windows so they will need to be framed into the shed walls.  If you want to get creative with the windows you can check out options in my previous post shed windows.

Shed Wall Framing – Construction…

shed wall framingThe walls are constructed after your foundation so you can use your foundation to precisely measure and make your shed walls.  First, cut the top and bottom plates of the wall to the right length.  Then cut your studs to the right height of your shed and secure them between the top and bottom plate.  Now put the wall in place and secure it to the floor.  To place a window in the wall make sure it is framed at the right dimensions and height of the wall.  This will be done according to the plan you are using.  Now, repeat the same process for the next wall according to the plan.

Shed Wall Framing – Conclusion…

Getting the walls right can be an easy process.  You will need to make sure you have a clear purpose for your shed and a good set of plans.  The plans should have a complete materials list and step-by-step instructions.  Build the shed walls in a detailed fashion one at a time so you do not make mistakes.  Take your time so it is done right.  Watch the entire build a shed video series to see the building process.

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Shed Window Ideas

potting shed window ideasWhen building your shed you definitely will want some shed window ideas to let light into the shed.  There are various options for windows and some are costly while others are more inexpensive.  Your shed plan will most likely dictate what windows you install.  For example a basic storage or a lean to shed may not have any windows since it is all about safety and storage.  However, a potting shed will definitely have windows as will your typical garden shed.  So pick the shed plan you want or need and then you can decide on the windows.  You also will want to think about the cost of the windows and the quality depending on your climate and weather conditions.

Shed Window Ideas – Wall Options…

There are many options with wall windows and it depends on the style of your shed.

shed window ideas glass paneA single pane glass window is inexpensive and easy to install and will add adequate sunlight into your shed but not provide much protection from the weather.  A double pane glass window is good for areas with harsher climates and will help keep your shed insulated from the weather.

plantar box shed window ideasIf you are dressing up your shed, then you can put a potting window with a box for plants outside.  You can even build the planters box with the right plans since you are building your shed anyway.

Shed window ideas with shutters Some people will put shutters around their windows while others like the windows with just a small frame.  It really depends on your style.

Shed Window Ideas – Door Options…

shed window ideas for the doorThere are a few door options in my opinion and again it depends on the purpose of your shed.  If your shed is for storage and protection, then I do not recommend windows on the doors.  However, if you are going to have a shed that is going to be used a lot, then a window on the door is a good option to allow you to see outside.  Most of the windows on the doors are typically made with the door so you can find the many options when choosing your door.  Some have installed screen doors also, but that is for another post.

transom shed window ideasFurthermore, transom windows are really nice.  If you did not know, they are the windows above the door and fixed into the wall.  They let in constant sunlight also.

Shed Window Ideas – Roof Options…

Ifpolycarbonate shed window ideas you are using your shed for gardening or potting, then you may want to think about windows on the roof to allow sunlight into your shed.  It will help with the plants for sure.  You can use glass or Polycarbonate sheets.  I recommend the Polycarbonate sheets because they are tougher than glass and can withstand the weather elements better.   If you put the sheets on the wall and the roof then you can build your shed into it’s own greenhouse.

Shed Window Ideas, Conclusion…

As you plan and build your shed you will definitely want some windows depending on the plan you choose to build and the purpose of the shed.  Finding the right shed windows can be overwhelming but if you think about the shed purpose, then it can be real simple.

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Check Out Plans

The Storage Shed Outdoor

Build a storage shed outdoor and take control of you clutter.  Everyone has clutter lying around their home that at one time they couldn’t wait to purchase.  However, now the stuff just accumulates and takes up much-needed space in your home.  Sure, you move it to the garage but then it clutters up the garage.  You need a place to put all of this clutter.  You can look at a rental storage shed, but then your stuff is so far away with limited access to your belongings.  We all know you are not going to jump in the car every time you want something from storage.  So, the next obvious step is to build a storage shed on your property.

storage shed outdoor large

I mention storage shed and not lawn or garden shed because a storage shed is primarily for storage of your belongings.  You don’t need windows and elaborate doors, but you should have secure locks and doors to keep everything safe.  You need to make it look like your house so the look of the shed matches the other structures in your yard, but it is a basic storage shed.

Storage Shed Outdoor – Planning…

Before anything else, and to avoid headaches, it’s essential that you have a plan first. Keep in mind what you need to do and follow your plan closely.  Check with your zoning laws to make sure you do or do not need a permit.  This will help you save on costs, headaches and time as well.

Storage Shed Outdoor – Foundation…

The foundation can be very minimal so it reduces the cost of your shed.  You are not going to store equipment or lawnmowers or cars so your shed foundation can be a wood pier or concrete block foundation ultimately limiting cost and making the building process easier.  A concrete or gravel foundation is only needed if you are storing heavy equipment.

storage shed outdoor small

Storage Shed Outdoor – Walls and Roof…

The walls are very basic because it is for storage and safe keeping of your belongings.  Therefore, no elaborate windows and doors.  The wood should be good quality so when you pick your wood, make sure you inspect it for quality.  The roof can be of any design and there are many designs for a roof but my recommendation is to keep it basic.  This will limit cost and keep it in line with the look of your home because you can use asphalt shingle roofing material.  These shingles are inexpensive and easy to do, but there are other options for shed roofing.

Storage Shed Outdoor – Door…

The most important part of your shed is the door.  That is the only barrier to access your belongings so it should be secure.  There are many options for doors and you can check out options on my previous post, shed doors, but the only rule is to make it secure.  You can put as pretty a door as you want but make it secure.

Storage Shed Outdoor – Construction Video…

As you can see in the video this is a basic storage shed with an easy foundation and walls with no windows.  The roof and door are very simple and you can make the door as secure as you like with a good lock.

Storage Shed Outdoor – Conclusion…

This is a basic outline and idea guide for building your storage shed.  Take control of your clutter and space.  Find the right plans and put together a project timeline so you stay on track.  Check your zoning laws and start building a secure storage shed today.

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Building A Garden Shed

Essential Reminders on Building a Garden Shed

Homeowners arrive at a decision for building a garden shed for a number of reasons. However, one main reason is to store their gardening equipment and outdoor essentials.  This type of shed if done right can also have an area to store household belongings that are taking up much-needed garage and attic space.  The garden shed is one of the most effective, and affordable ways of keeping your belongings well protected and stored properly outside of the home.

To make this project work, and by that I mean make it serve its purpose and also make your shed look complimentary to your existing home and other structures, there are some essential factors that you need to keep in mind with building a garden shed.

Building A Garden Shed Preparation…

Most importantly, before doing any projects such as a garden shed, it is best to first check with your local planning and zoning office. Some areas require that you first have to secure a permit before adding any structure to a home.

Most people want their garden shed to look lbuilding a garden shed plansike the original plans of their home.  The design should have a similar finish to your home in regards to the roof and wall structure.  This will allow a continuous flow of structures on your property.  The planning stage is very crucial and you should explore all your options so that you will be able to work without any glitches later on.

Building A Garden Shed Foundation…

Another factor that should gain much attention is the foundation of building a garden shed foundationyour shed.  If you are going to store heavy equipment then you most likely will need a concrete or gravel foundation as they can withstand heavier loads.  However, if you are storing minor lawn equipment then you could get by with a concrete block and pier foundation.   Make sure the foundation is level and you may need a ramp to drive your equipment into the garden shed.  Check out various options for a foundation.

Building A Garden Shed Roof…

building a garden shed roofAnother issue to consider is the roof.  You should look at many plans to find the style of roof that accommodates your shed and adds to the flow of your structures.  You will need to think of the roofing materials for the roof such as asphalt shingles, metal roof, rubber roof or cedar tiles.  Check out my article on roofing materials.

Building A Garden Shed Conclusion…

In conclusion, make sure you follow the steps above to build the right garden shed for your home.  Check the zoning laws and find the right plans before you start, so you can save a lot of headaches later on.  The biggest problem we see with shed building is people not planning properly.  Find the right plans and get started today.

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Shed Roofing Materials

So you have your shed plans, but what about your shed roofing materials?  There are many options in regards to which type of roofing cover to choose.  Some of it depends on your budget and also it depends on the style of your shed and the location of your shed.

Shed Roofing Materials- Types…

Asphalt Shingles.

This is the most common type of shed roofing.  The appearance of this roofing is very similar to your house and that is why most people choose this type of roofing.  This allows a more uniform look between your shed and your home.  Furthermore, there are many options in regards to which asphalt shingles to choose.  Two types of shingles to consider are architectural and 3-tab shingles.  Shingles are a lower cost and easy to repair and install.  The only decision is in regards to which type and color you choose.

3 tab shingle for shed roofing materials
3 – Tab Shingle
architectural shingle for shed roofing materials
Architectural Shingle

Metal Roofing.

One of the newer looks for homes and sheds is the metal roof.  There are lots of people who install this roofing and you can do it yourself with a little bit of work.  You need to find the color that fits your shed roofing and also which will work with your landscaping.  Be aware of some common mistakes that can occur so watch the video below.  I found it to be helpful information.

Metal shed Roofing materials

Rubber Roof.

This is not a very common shed roofing, but it does take mention as some people with sheds want a rubber roof.  Once installed properly it is a very secure roofing cover that is more neutral and can go with just about any shed.   Typically, most people seem to hire someone to install this but it can be a DIY project.  Check out the video guide.

rubber shed roofing materials

Tiles & Cedar shingles.

This is the most expensive shed roofing and I believe it to be the prettiest.  However, it also requires some upkeep to make sure it looks nice.  If you can do the asphalt shingles, then you should be able to install the tiles and cedar shingles.  There are some ideas and issues to think about when installing and the video below seems to be a good beginning.

cedar tile shed roofing materials

Shed Roofing Materials- Conclusion…

Once you have the right plans for your shed you need to find the right shed roofing.  The one that fits your shed will depend on many factors such as look, cost to buy and cost to install.  You also want to think about maintenance of the roof.

I hope this helps,