Ted’s Woodworking Program

JB here and since I do a fair amount of woodworking I thought I would review Ted’s Woodworking Program.  I get asked a lot about where I get my plans to do my woodworking.  Throughout the years I have used many plans.  I was lucky enough to stumble upon Ted’s Program.

Ted’s Woodworking Program:

The program is all over the internet and has 16,000 plans.  It is true that there are thousands of plans.  Easy to read plans with step by step instructions.  Ted is a master woodworker that put the plans together after many years of research.  Plans are detailed as you can see from some of my pictures.  Therefore,  I use these plans for many activities with kids and the community.

You get a great set of woodworking plans that will show you how to build things like furniture, outdoor projects, small crafts and kids projects.  Further, there are multiple bonus offers.

Bonus Offers:

CAD Plan Viewer

150 Premium Woodworking Videos

How To Start A Woodworking Business

Complete Woodworking Guides

Free Lifetime Updates

If you are into woodworking and want a set of plans that practically build themselves.  These plans are for you.  I use them routinely and  you should to if you are doing woodworking.  Woodworking is fun and easy.   So get the plans and do some projects.  You’ll realize how great it is to build things the right way.  I have a special offer through my website-Click Here.

Have fun,


Garden Shed Designs and Plans

Your garden will never be complete until you find the right garden shed designs and plans. Planting your favorite flowering or ornament plants is not as easy as freeing a turtle to the sea where it will survive in its own.  It not only takes time and commitment but you need pots, tools and equipment and of course a place to put those things.  That is why a garden shed is a basic need.  It will free up garage space for your cars.   Gardening is more than just a hobby as it offers a great results for your commitment.  Ensuring garden success can be easy with the addition of a garden shed.

garden shed designs and plans


Garden Shed Designs and Plans- Who Can Benefit

It is given that a garden shed is for those who have a real heart for gardening but, aside from that, who else will be benefited?

* Sports lovers. Generally, a garden shed is used in organizing or storing garden tools, equipment or accessories but aside from that, sports lovers will be highly benefited. If you are one of those who is an avid fan of different sports, you can freely organize all of your sports equipment for biking, basketball, skiing, golf, fishing and any other. By doing so, you will be able to prevent any damages on your hobby or sports equipment which will help you prolongs its usage.

* Office Workers. There might times that you have to bring your office works at home or you are working at home without enough space good thing, you can convert your garden shed into a private room where you are able to place your computer and phone lines.  Before turning your garden shed into a home office, you need to consider some factors like convenience and comfort. You have to ensure that you get enough space and accessible power supply. After that, you can enjoy your private room and continue your productivity.

* Artists. If you are an artist and you do not want your home to look messy, turning your garden shed into a workshop room or art studio is a perfect idea for you try. By doing this, it will help you a lot in reducing the dirt, dust, paper clutters, and twigs from building furniture or any other scrap materials while you are at work.

Garden Shed Designs and Plans- Versatility

Truly, a basic garden shed offers a versatile use as well as it will introduce you into a more flexible purpose. By thinking of a more functional role of your garden shed, it will help you save money in searching for an alternative solution for additional room. You can customize the shed with windows and different types of doors to make it all your own.  You don’t even need to use it for gardening as the other uses noted above are a good reason to get a basic room for space.  Also, it will help you with more space for your important stuff at home.

A garden shed also comes in a variety of sizes and designs for you to choose from. The wide selection of garden sheds will help you choose the perfect one that will suit your needs and requirements. You may choose from metal, plastic and wooden garden sheds with the standard sizes of 4×3, 5×3, 5×4, 6×3, 6×4, 7×5, 7×7 and much more.



Get Your Garden Shed Plans Here

The Potting Shed Greenhouse

Considered to be the heart of your garden, your potting shed greenhouse is creatively designed to store your garden tools and accomplish most of your gardening tasks. From the name it implies that it is the primary area and purpose to repot plants.  Repotting can be a tough task to do and is a messy activity, therefore, it will be nice for you to have a specific area to accomplish this task.  Furthermore, your potting shed is a perfect place for starting young plants in case you have cold sensitive and tender plants.

potting shed greenhouseBut a potting shed does not only limit you in storing your garden tools, re-potting or growing young plants it is also ideal, if big enough, for storage of other equipment like sports, lawn and small building equipment depending on the size of the shed. You may assemble the shed from scratch or kits making it easy to install, which are quite ideal for any size of the garden.

The Potting Shed Greenhouse- The Work Area…

Today, many of the gardeners are investing in making their sheds a pleasant area to work, creating a nice place to work regardless of the weather condition. If the space is good then you may include your garden or repair tools and may also have the ability to work on other projects.  So, your shed is really an addition and workplace for you to work on gardening tasks and store tools and equipment practically.

The Potting Shed Greenhouse- Walls…

Depending on your needs you may decide with either wood or glass walls.  Wood will be a perfect material for your walls as it will offer you great durability and can withstand any weather condition. Glass walls will give you a neat and elegant look for a potting shed. Though it will increase your cost and may be difficult to clean once dirty.  However, if you wan a nice elegant look, then it might just be right for you.

The Potting Shed Greenhouse – Guidelines…

So, to help you decide what size of shed and type of construction, read the following guidelines:

6×4. this size of the shed will provide you an ideal size since it will suit any size of the garden where it offers you an amazing amount of space for storage while giving you a reasonable pricing.
7×5. This potting size shed offers you a versatile amount of space for storing garden tools, house cleaning equipment and any other tools that will fit.
7×7.You may do your DIY projects like assembling your bikes, etc… as this potting shed is a little bigger.
8×6.This size of great for storing your bikes, garden furniture, lawn mowers and barbecue furniture, but then you may want to get a basic garden shed instead of the smaller potting shed.
10×8 and 12×8 may be too big for a smaller potting shed so consider the bigger basic garden shed.

The Potting Shed Greenhouse – Conclusion

So now, you already have the idea for the different sizes of the shed. The best size for you to pick will depend on the equipment and tools you are going to store and to the type of task you are going to work on. So, before you construct a potting shed, you have to determine first its purpose to you.


Get Your Potting Shed Plans Here

The Home Gazebo

One of the best spots where you can experience tranquility and joy is at the home gazebo. As it is surrounded by beautiful and fascinating flowers, breathtaking trees and a hard to forget landscapes you will want one for your own home.  It perfectly creates an overwhelming touch to a garden as well as to a landscape design.

Certainly, everyone will love to see and stay at a gazebo. Each time that you wanted to free yourself from the busy life of the city, going to a garden with a mesmerizing gazebo will help you relieve all the stress you feehome gazebol. You can never go wrong in visiting a place that will uplift your spirit and provide you a significant spot to unwind.

But, it will be best for you to enjoy the scenery with your family and friends. There will be no other great happiness when you share your smiles and time with your loved ones. And, if you are planning to have you own gazebo in your area, discovering the different types will help you choose the best one for you that will fit your mood, taste, and budget.

Types of Home Gazebo:

*Metal home gazebo. This is perfect for public entertainment, public parks and nay another area that offers public viewing such as golf courses or outdoor concerts. Because of its overall strength, it will quite hard to vandalize to its surface making it an ideal type of the public place. Moreover, it comes with different sizes and styles which include the rails, finales, covered gazebos, decorative roofing and panel designs.
Cedar home gazebo. This is generally the type of gazebo that offers you the best style and looks for backyards. This is eve easier to install or personalize compared to the other types of the gazebo. Also, it considered being insect and decay resistant, therefore, it can last for a long time. Lastly, it offers you durability where it can handle heavy winds and snows.
*Vinyl home gazebo. It provides you a plastic look yet it is maintenance free which will help save time keeping it clean. But, this will not provide you an entertainment space and visual appeal.

Ideally, gazebos are perfect for any type people as long as they want to feel peace and joy. So, the next things for you to discover is the valuable uses of it.

Home Gazebo Uses…

Part of wedding venue. If you are going to attend a garden wedding surely, one of the first things that you might look for is the gazebo. They are really one of the anticipated things in a wedding venue. This will give the couple a memorable wedding day because of its tranquil and amazing look.

Spot for dinners. So, why not bring your family at the gazebo and enjoy your sumptuous dinner. Away from the usual dinner with your whole family surely, you will have a different and memorable bonding moments.

Area for family gatherings. Aside from you can enjoy watching the sunset also, during you family get together, you can take beautiful photos in the gazebo. So it is really created for you and your family’s extra place for relaxation and bonding.



Find Your Gazebo Plans Here

Lean To Shed Ideas

So for a long time, you have been looking for lean to shed ideas where you are able to store most of your garden and sports equipment, compalean to shed ideasct outdoor furniture and any other supplies and tools. Well, the perfect solution for you is to have a lean to shed. This type of shed will introduce you to more functional purposes. From the name itself, lean to shed is a structure that leans against your garage or house for an additional support where it provides you a water-safe surface in protecting your equipment or supply from any elements that will cause damages. So, aside from it will help you organize your important stuff, it will also help you maintain their best condition and are away from any scratches or damages.

Since a lean to shed is creatively designed to abut into another structure, you have to see to it that the foundation has to be pressure-treated slide, the roof needs to be in one direction as well as the back wall must be composed of ½ inch CDX plywood which will stay durable even with moisture indirect exposure.

Lean To Shed Ideas – Benefits…

*Quicker access to tools. If you wanted to have a better access to your gardening tools, it will always be perfect for you construct a lean-to shed. You will need a lot of tools in ensuring that your plants will be provided with maximum care for them to grow beautiful and healthy so, it is important for you to ensure that you have a remote access to your needs equipment or tool. Also, it will help you save time and effort from getting the stuff you need.

*Free Space for the garage. Now, you do not have to use your garage as your storage area for your different equipment or tools for you have now a lean to shed. Through this, you will be able to free your garage from a messy look. Moreover, if you are going to store some of your tools or equipment, it can cause danger to your family. To avoid this, storing all your stuff in lean to shed is a perfect solution plus, you will be able to maintain cleanliness in your area.

*Well-organized equipment and tools. Ideally, if you have a small free space at home, it will be better for you to construct a lean-to shed in order for you to have an efficient space for your various equipment or tools. You may organize them according to use or category in order for you to have an easy access.

Lean To Shed Ideas- Conclusion

An interesting fact about lean to shed ideas is that there is no limit to the people who can be benefit from its use. Gardeners will not be the only ones enjoying the benefits of lean to shed, but it is also useful for people into sports, arts and many other hobbies that would require storage.   There are many different styles to choose from and many different sizes like 6×6, 6×8, 6×10, 6×12, 8×8, 8×10, 8×12, 8×16 and so on.



Find Your Lean To Shed Plans Here

The Lawn Mower Storage Shed

The lawn mower storage shed is perfect for all of your lawn equipment needs.  You spent a lot of money on your equipment so the perfect action for you to do is to store them properly and to do so you most likely will want a lawn shed.

lawn mower storage shed

The truth is, building a shed for your lawn equipment is a big deal so choosing the bets type of shed is important.  With the many different types of the sheds, it might bring you into a bit of confusion as to which type of shed you need but the following comparison between the different types of lawn sheds, will make it easier for you to choose.

Lawn Mower Storage Shed – Comparisons…

*Plastic Lawn Mower Storage Shed. Yes, you read it right, a lawn shed made of plastic. If you are wondering if it is really possible to make a shed out of plastic well, the answer is yes. Plastic is one of those materials that are perfect to make a shed. You can come up with an economical design, neat looking, easy to assemble with low maintenance type of shed. Also, the plastic shed is a good choice for storing riding lawn mower as well as your long handled gardening tools.  Easy to assemble and quick.

*Metal Lawn Mower Storage Shed. For the past years, the metal lawn shed has become popular for backyard purposes. This type of shed is known for its durability and affordability. This type of shed will not require much repair and can stand alone with any harsh weather conditions making it popular type of lawn shed for factory and warehouse equipment storage.

*Wood Lawn Mower Storage Shed. Wood is considered as the traditional material used to build a shed where you can easily build one yourself or buy one in various shapes and sizes.  This will give you the best looking and easiest for you to build.  Furthermore, you can rely on its strength and sturdiness which can withstand any type of weather condition.

*Fabric Lawn Mower Storage Shed. It may give you a tent look but, it is actually a shed. And, this will be your easy, convenient and inexpensive storage solution for your lawn equipment which will protect them from most weather conditions. But, the life of this lawn shed will depend on the quality of its cover, frame strength and the weather it is being exposed to.

Lawn Mower Storage Shed – Conclusion

So, if you want an easy to install lawn shed, a plastic shed is the perfect and quickest shed.  The metal sheds are more sturdy but heavy and difficult to assemble.  The Fabric shed is cheaper and good for certain seasons but don’t expect to last too long.  The wooden shed seems to be the best for your money due to its various designs and easy to buy or build.

Whichever shed you want you have to consider the size of the shed you have to pick.

Typical Examples:

8×8 for riding mower (metal, wood, plastic, fabric)
Vertical for push mower (plastic, wood)
Horizontal for bike (plastic, wood)
12×12 for motorbike (metal, bike)
12×20 for SUV (metal, wood)



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