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Buy A Shed Or Build A Shed? The Choice Is Yours...

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Not everyone has the time or the ability to build a shed from shed plans.  If that is the case, then there are many options for you to obtain a great quality shed.

You can have a shed built and then delivered to your house.  This will make it easy for your storage issues and all you have to do is maintenance.  

Some people have the tools and the know how to assemble or build a shed.  If you are this type of person, then you may want to get a shed kit and then assemble your own shed.  This will cut down the building phase by at least half.  It also allows you some of the building decisions as you assemble the shed.

However, where do you choose a shed to buy?  I have assembled some of the best sellers of sheds that you can review and decide if this is for you.  

You can always find shed plans here to build the entire shed yourself. 

The Top Choices For Pre-Built Sheds and Shed Kits

Jamaica Cottage Shop

Jamaica Cottage Shop is based out of Vermont and builds custom sheds, cottages and wood sheds.  They ship to anywhere in the contiguous United States.  They have FREE SHIPPING to the US and Eastern Canada!

The craftsmanship is very good and the reviews are excellent.   It seems as if they are never without a sale.  Below is a copy of the about page.  

“Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc. is a privately held company, founded in 1995 by Domenic Mangano in the town of Jamaica, Vermont. Now located in South Londonderry, Vermont, we are premier builders of fine post and beam garden buildings like tool sheds, cottages, & wood sheds. Built by Vermont tradesmen, each structure is crafted with a personality of its own creating a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing sight that will enhance any landscape. We offer complete design-to-finish solutions for clients searching for a special sanctuary.”

Jamaica Cottage Shop

The Fifthroom

Fifthroom.com has a wide array of not only sheds but just about anything outdoors.  The quality of the sheds and craftsmanship is excellent.  Easy storefront website that allows one to shop with ease.  Free shipping on most products and no sales tax.

You can purchase more than just sheds.  This store has just about anything to make to customize any outdoor space.  Home, Garden or Leisure items throughout.  They draft and craft in house many items so you know you are getting an original item when you purchase.  

“Fifthroom.com is an online marketplace for your home, your garden and your family. Our five specialty shops work together to let you shop the way you love to shop. Stay on Fifthroom.com to browse everything at once, like you’re perusing a large department store, or head to our specialty sites to narrow your focus to a specific boutique, as if you were shopping downtown.

Get the best of both worlds when you shop our specialty shops that operate under one roof, with one customer-centric philosophy and one easy check-out. We have six shops. One check out.”


If you are looking for a shed that will not break the budget, then sheds.com could be your answer.  They sell a lot of sheds that are in the low to mid price point.  Some of the top brands are sold there but you are not going to get a custom shed.  You will find many brands and styles such as Duramax and Arrow sheds.  If you already own one of these sheds, then they have a ton of accessories to fix or customize your shed.

“Sheds.com was born out of a desire to find an outdoor shed without a lot of hassle. There are a lot of different outdoor storage options out there, and we believe that you should be able to find everything you need in one place. Why waste your time browsing website after website trying to decipher which outdoor sheds are the best when you can easily compare and contrast all of the finest sheds right here at Sheds.com? With the largest selection of outdoor storage anywhere, we make finding outdoor storage simple.”

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